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There are 47 countries in asia. I will name some of them. Japan, china, philipines, North Korea, South Korea, mongolia, singapore, indonesia, malaysia, taiwan, Bangladesh, pakistan, laos, india.

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How do you greet Asians politely?

depends on the country

Why did the asians cross the land bridge to the americans?

Many Asians crossed the bridge to America because they wanted freedom. Some Asians stay because they did not want to leave their country.

How was immigration restricted in the 1920?

because asians were not allowed into the country

Where do most Asians in Washington DC originate?

If you mean which country, then definitely China

What types of religon is Aulstria?

Australia is basicaly a christian country , but with asians coming to the country , hindus and Muslims have increased in number.

What are synonyms for China?

glassporcelainpotteryceramicscrockerytablewareA large country with Asians

Why are there no jobs in chilliwack?

because canada allows too many asians and east indians into my country!

What kinds of racism against Asians existed in the 1900s?

The usual kinds of racism that exists with respect to any group. To ask a more useful question, specify in which country the racism existed, who behaved in a racist fashion, and regarding Asians of which country or countries the racism existed, the target, if you will.

Did Asians fight in the American revolution?

No, there were no Asians involved

Are people from Australia considered Asians?

They are considered Asians

Where in the bible does blonde Asians say?

It doesn't say in the bible that there are blonde asians! For that matter it does not mention blondes or asians.

How many Asians in NHL?

There is currently no Asians playing in the NHL.

Why do asians have tiny penises?

Asians don't have tiny penises.

Are Australians considered Asians?

Yes, Australians are considered Asians

Why do Asians eat with Chopsticks?

Not all Asians eat with Chopsticks.

Are Asians considered Chinese?

No, but all Chinese are considered Asians.

What can Asians eat?

There are many different kinds of Asians in the world. Asians can eat anything that anybody else does. But, for some Asians, they may have a religion where they cannot eat meats or other foods.

What currency do Asians use?

That depends on what country you're asking about. As of April 2009, there is not just one currency for all of Asia, but a different one for each Asian country.

Is Asian and Indian the same thing?

No. If you are from the country India (which is in Asia) you are Indian, and if you are from the continent Asia, you are an Asian. Indians are Asians, however.

Where does the last name Vernon come from?

It came from SHITami Vernon from Japan an ugly little country filled with asians and sushi

Is Selena Gomez Racial to Asians?

Offcourse she isn't shes even said Asia ad africas my fav country

What percentage of people live in a country where the death penalty is legalised?

About 95% of Asians live in countries where the death penalty is legalized.

Where south Asians migrated from into England?

why south asians came to canada?

Are Saudi Arabian people considered Asians Africans or Europeans?


What did Asians trade in the 1400s?

Asians trade spices and cinnamon in the 1400