Black Death (Plagues)

What are the Causes of the plague?

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fleas, rats, lice,boils and all sorts of disease

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The bacterium that causes bubonic plague is transmitted to humans by?

The bacterium that causes bubonic plague is transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea.

What causes pest plague?


What insect causes bubonic plague?


Major causes of death?

The Black Plague!

What pathogen causes plague?

Yersina pestis

What is the name of the germ for the bubonic plague?

The bacteria that causes Plague infections is called 'Yersinia pestis'.

What is the definition of a plague?

The general definition of a plague is an epidemic outbreak that causes high rates of mortality.

How is Doctor Yersin connected to bubonic plague?

The name of the bacillus that causes Bubonic plague is Yersinnia pestis.

What bacteria causes the black plague?

yesinia pestis

What Mistaken Ideas About Causes of the Bubonic Plague?


A disease that causes swelling of the lymph nodes is?

The Plague

What causes arteries to clog?

plague build up

What sort of microbe causes plague?

Yersinia pestis.

What were the different beliefs about the causes of bubonic plague?

The peasants thought that the causes for the bubonic plague was the Jews poisoning the world, god punishing them, bad air and the alinement of the planets!

What are the causes of the black plague?

The two main causes were the rats and the fleas brought from Asia.

What is or are the actual causes of the plague?

infested fleas in rats make it to humans after the host rat dies and infect them with the plague.

What were the causes and effects of the black plague?

fleas were carried on animals

What is the name of the disease agent which causes the plague?

Yersinia pestis.

When sugar and bacteria get stuck in the plague what does it cause?

It causes cavities.

Which animal kingdom does the organism that causes plague belong to?


What is Yersinia pestis a plague in history and in modern times?

Yersinia pestis is the bacillus that causes the Black Death (Bubonic Plague).

What caused the plague of the 1600s?

the causes of the plague was the fleas on the rats they bit the rats and then when the rats died they moved on to bite the humans

What were some of the causes of the Bubonic Plague?

The cause of the Plague was a bacterium called yersinia pestis, which was transmitted by fleas that lived on the Black rat.

What type of mirco-organisms causes the plague?

Yersinia pestis.

Location of the black plague and causes?

London diseased rodents stupid