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Chesapeake Colonies, Maryland and Virginia, grew slowly from 1607 to 1630 due to the low-lying 's highly environment. Stagnant water, human waste, , and salt poisoning produced a mortality rate of 28 percent. Within three years of coming to the colony, 40 to 50 percent of the indentured servants, who made up the majority of the population, died from typhus, and before finishing their contracts. By 1700, settlement patterns tended toward the healthier Piedmont area, and the importation of slaves directly from Africa boosted the population.

As the tobacco colonies' populations increased, so did their production of tobacco, their principal source of revenue and currency. Plantations were set out in three-to-ten-acre plots for tobacco along the waterways of Maryland and Virginia, extending almost 200 miles in length and varying from 3 to 72 miles in width, which gave oceangoing ships access to almost 2,000 miles of waterways for transporting hogsheads of tobacco. Ship captains searched throughout Chesapeake Bay for the larger planters' wharves with storehouses, called factories, to buy tobacco for merchants. Small planters also housed their crops at these large wharves. Planters turned to corn and wheat production in the eighteenth century.

The county seat remained the central aspect of local government, yet it generally held only a courthouse, an Anglican church, a , a country store, and a number of homes. A sense of oblige was conserved within the church government and the militia. Books and pamphlets imported from London retained the English culture and a sense of civic responsibility.

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Q: What are the Chesapeake colonies?
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Why are the colonies called Chesapeake colonies?

There are two colonies that were known as the Chesapeake Colonies, Maryland and Delaware. They got that name for their proximity to Chesapeake Bay.

What were two colonies in chesapeake?

Maryland and Virginia were Chesapeake colonies

Where did the Chesapeake colonies get their financing?

why Did the Chesapeake colonies not get their fundings from independent entrepreneurs?

What was the southern colony in the chesapeake bay?

what southern colonies are on Chesapeake Bay

What were the crops in the chesapeake colonies?

Since the climate of the chesapeake colonies was so much like that of the middle colonies they had very good soil in the chesapeake colonies. Deciding to grow a lot of tobacco. Tobacco was the main crop though there was some shipbuilding and shipping to ship the tobacco to the other colonies and back to England.

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What were the roles of women in Chesapeake colonies?

The women in the Chesapeake colonies made men actually think and helped with reproduction. No, I will not explain the reproduction process.

Who were the workers in the Chesapeake colonies prior to 1676?

The workers in the colonies were the indians.

What was the primary product of the chesapeake colonies?


What religion did the chesapeake colonies have?

Most were Jerichoholics;)

Who founded the Chesapeake Colonies?

king charles I

Which two colonies were located next to the potomac river and the chesapeake bay?

The two colonies that were located next to the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay were Maryland and Virginia.

Why did slavery develop in the Chesapeake colonies?

Slavery developed in the Chesapeake colonies because its economy was largely agricultural. It required intensive labor for cultivation of tobacco and other crops, thus the Chesapeake planters turned towards slavery.

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What was the chief cash crop of Chesapeake colonies?


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Which colonies border between the middle Atlantic colonies and the southern colonies?

Colonial Virginia and colonial Maryland which are "Southern Colonies" can also be categorized as the "Chesapeake Colonies".

The most important reason for the difference between the New England and chesapeake colonies was based on?

chesapeake had higher mortality rate

What were the two colonies have access to the Chesapeake Bay?

Maryland and Virginia.

How did the chesapeake colonies treat the native Americans?

not super nicely

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