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What are the Disadvantages of classical conditioning?


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October 13, 2014 8:19PM

The disadvantages of classical conditioning:

1. It is a completely physical process, learning is not important here.

2. It is a temporary learning process.

3. All classically conditioned responses must involve a reflex

4. Therefore, what can be learned is limited

5. So, how do animals and humans learns things that are not associated with reflexes?

CW: I disagree with#1 -- it's learning. I disagree with #2, it's as permanent as other learning.

I agree with#3 -- classical conditioning involves an innate process.

I agree with #4, but that is not limited to Classical Conditioning.

#5: Instrumental conditioning is one way, and higher-order associative learning works.

The main disadvantage is that you use existing reflexes (Primary Classical Conditioning). Therefore, it would be difficult to teach a rat to detect explosive vapors using classical conditioning.