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The duties of a Family Practitioner (GP .. General Practitioner)
  • A GP is just that ... generalized practitioner.
  • Provides you with your yearly physical check-ups.
  • Sends you to the lab for urine samples or blood workup should you need them.
  • If the GP feels there is something wrong and doesn't quite know what it is that is causing your symptoms it's his/her responsibility to send you to an 'Internist' which studies the whole of the body. Once the Internist does tests on you and narrows down where your problem lies then the Internist will send you off to a specialist that works in that particular field.
  • If your GP sends you to a specialist it's up to him to be sure he/she works well with the specialist and has all paperwork re tests, etc., when he asks you in to discuss the findings of your tests. Your specialist will talk to you first, but you should feel free to discuss it further with your GP should you have any worries.
  • GP's also are affiliated with some hospitals and spend so much time a week going to these hospitals.
  • GP's should visit their elderly patients in hospital or nursing homes.
  • GP's are responsible for explaining the medications that they give their patients and the side effects that may occur from these medications and let you know what side effects warrant you coming in to him. If a patient is on a certain medication that requires blood workup every so often it's up to the GP to see that it is done.
  • GP's fill your prescriptions providing they were prescribed by your own GP.
  • GP's should have another doctor in their office if they plan on going on vacation and SHOULD tell their patients the name of that doctor and that he has every confidence in the doctor taking his place (to put the patient at rest.) Some patients refuse to see a different doctor, but in some cases they have no choice.
  • GP's are there to talk to women of all ages about birth control; premenopause or menopause and answer your questions as best they can. Some GP's will see a woman through her pregnancy (if there are no complications) and even deliver the baby. For men, they should be candid about low libido; aging; and be sure at a certain age his male patient gets tested yearly for prostate cancer.
  • GP's should be kind, considerate and treat their patients with dignity.
  • GP's should be kind, patient and write-out instructions for the elderly patient because they may be nervous or confused.
  • GP's are expected to make sure their patients are clear about any procedures they may have to go through such as certain tests or surgery and what the prognosis is.
There are a lot more duties in health care that GP's act on, but the list is too long. The long and short of it is that GP's are actually just as important as a specialist because it's the GP that has to decide where your problem is and what specialist you may have to see. GP's are part doctor, psychologist/psychiatrist (treating patients with anxiety and giving medication where needed.) Patients also have a responsibility to their doctor. They should write down their questions they want to ask the doctor and when making the appointment let the receptionist know that you have several questions and they will give you a little more time with the doctor. Be sure you write down the answers to your questions that the doctor takes the time to explain and if you don't understand what the doctor is explaining then say so. Patients should be candid with their doctor and never hold back their fears. The doctor can't help their patient without the true facts. Some fears are not warranted and the doctor can ease a patient's worries. When an elderly person comes in a daughter, son, relative or younger friend should accompany them to be sure that the elderly patient understands all the facts that the doctor is telling them or doses of medications that he may give that elderly patient. Patients should write down any genetic factors for the doctor such as if they have had childhood diseases; heart problems in the family; cancer, etc. The more information the patient gives their doctor the more their doctor can help them and know what signs to look for should that patient have a problem.
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What are the duties of a doctor who is a general family practitioner?

General practitioners and family physicians perform some or all of the following duties:. Examine patients and take their histories, order laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures and consult with other medical practitioners to evaluate patients' physical and mental health . Prescr ( Full Answer )

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

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What does a nurse practitioner do?

A nurse practitioner is a health care provider that can diagnose, treat, and monitor various disease processes. In some states, they can prescribe narcotics as well. So far, there are only four states that still won't allow this component of practice. In some states, a NP must have a collaborative a ( Full Answer )

What is a General Practitioner?

A general practioner is a medical doctor who is a generalist (did not study a specialty during residency). Often referred to as a 'family doctor'.

What is the base salary of a family practitioner?

According to Salary.com the average salary of a family practitioner is $149,724. -Miran Dapag D.O.. According to Salary.com the average salary of a family practitioner is $149,724. -Miran Dapag D.O.

What are the duties of a nurse practitioner?

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What is the difference between a family nurse practitioner and a pediatrician?

A nurse practitioner does not have M.D. (medical doctor) degree and does not have the needed education to be a pediatrician which is a medical doctor. Nurse practitioners (also referred to as advanced practice nurses, or APNs) have a master's degree in nursing (MS or MSN) and board certification in ( Full Answer )

How many years of schooling are needed to become a family nurse practitioner?

The three major educational paths to registered nursing are a bachelor's degree, an associate degree, and a diploma from an approved nursing program. Nurses most commonly enter the occupation by completing an associate degree or bachelor's degree program. Individuals then must complete a national li ( Full Answer )

What does a family practitioner do?

I'm an MA in a family practice setting...Family doctors can care for and treat people of all ages. Basically your whole family can go there. A family doctor though is usually not a specialists, and so if you are diagnosed with a special condition or disease you will probably be sent to a specialists ( Full Answer )

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What are the duties of a family physician?

A family physician has many duties. They are the doctors whichpeople see on the most regular basis for routine checkups. Familyphysicians are also the first line in evaluating new conditionsbefore referring their patient to a specialist when needed.

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How much does a family nurse practitioner make per hour?

A family nurse practitioner is someone who is able to diagnose andwrite prescriptions. However, he or she is not an MD, but a highlytrained nurse. The rate of pay varies depending on where they are.

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How much money does a family nurse practitioner make?

The nurse practitioner (NP), to be clear, is the highest-level of nurse. An NP may diagnose and prescribe, just like a physician (though only under a physician's guidance, control and oversight). The physician needn't be physically present, though; and so that's why many NPs are placed in free and r ( Full Answer )

What is the educational background for family practitioner?

The common path to practicing as a physician requires 8 years of education beyond high school and 3 to 8 additional years of internship and residency. All States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories license physicians.. Education and training. Formal education and training requirements ( Full Answer )

What is the educational background for a family practitioner?

While many individuals who pursue a career as a physician major in biology at the undergraduate level, many others come from a variety of other educational backgrounds. You should meet with a career counselor at the college or university you attend for what options exist for you. The important issue ( Full Answer )

Average salary for family practitioner?

Annual income for all family practitioners generally ranges from just under $100,000 to $250,000 a year or more . This can change if u own ur own clinic or if u are working for the government also, the lowest can go down to 65,000 a year whereas the highest can go upto 300,000 as well Hope this help ( Full Answer )

What does a family nurse practitioner do?

Nurse Practitioners treat both acute and chronic conditions through comprehensive history taking, physical exams, physical therapy, ordering tests and therapies for patients, within their scope of practice. NPs can serve as a patient's "point of entry" health care provider, and see patients of all a ( Full Answer )

What are the goal of the American Association of family practitioners?

To represent family medicine residency program directors at a national level and provide a political voice for them in appropriate means. . To develop the art and science of resident education in family medicine. . To improve the quality of education of family physicians. . To promote ethical beh ( Full Answer )

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What are the duties of a 'Nurse Practitioner'?

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What is The scope of family nurse practitioner with someone who has psychiatric condition?

Not enough information is included in the question with which to answer. What is the N.P.'s medical specialty, if any? Is the N.P. in solo practice, or operating under the supervision of an M.D.? Bottom line: If the N.P. is not schooled in dealing with psychiatric or psychological disorders they s ( Full Answer )

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What educational background does the physician need to be a family practitioner?

The general practitioner must take four years of pre-med studies at a university. Then he or she must go to medical school, then become an intern and resident. Once he or she is approved for the general practitioner program at the medical school there is a specialty study or on the job program to go ( Full Answer )

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What term is used to describe a practitioner who injuries a patient due to a failure to perform his duty?

When a medical practitioner injures a patient due to failure to perform his duty, it is referred to as medical malpractice. When a doctor commits medical malpractice, they can be prosecuted in court and may be reprimanded or have their medical license suspended. The court system may also award mon ( Full Answer )

What duties does a nurse practitioner have?

A nurse practitioner's duty is to take detailed medical histories and perform complete physical exams. They also provide diagnoses, prescriptions, and treat common illnesses.

What kind of education does a family nurse practitioner have?

Family nurse practitioners have education starting from registered nurse and moving to advanced registered nurse. They must have a master degree in Registered nursing then a practical registered nurse before can become a nursing practitioner.

How can one become family practitioner?

In the United States, an individual desiring a career as a family practitioner must first complete a 4-year program at a college or university, resulting in the earning of a B.S. or B.A. degree. Coursework should include a strong emphasis in the sciences, such as biology or chemistry.Following compl ( Full Answer )

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