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What are the Global influences on Christianity?

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Two thirds of the world is not Christian. Christians can listen and learn from other cultures. There are other spiritual paths that work for people. Respecting and tolerating different people is a good thing.

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What is correct 'the world Christianity or the global Christianity'?

Global Christianity, without 'the'

Influences of Christianity?

it depends on question and influence on different religions.

Influences on Christianity?

Christianity is originally a sect of Judaism; it had influences from Greek religion (ritual eating of the god's flesh and blood); and Egyptian religion--the god that is martyred, resurrected, and judges the dead.

What are some of the influences that paganism had on Christianity?

Paganism had a number of influences on Christianity. Some Pagan ceremonies were brought in and the festivals became modern holidays as pagans joined the early church. Also the reformation had an influence.

What are influences of Islam?

The main inluences of islam are mainly found in Judaism and Christianity, Islam copied the best of Christianity and Judaism...

What influences the temperature changes in each layer of the atmosphere?

global warming

Location of Christianity?

In some shape or form, Christianity is generally thought to have a 'global' presence today.

What has global trade increased?

global trade influences the efficiency of many people's lives! in a result green money comes at them

What influences did Constantine the Great have on the modern world?

He established Christianity as a state religion.

What influences did Judaism have on the development of early Christianity?

the influences judaism have is the tradition and the history of iran.. ithink it miight help thank you and welcome too..

What is the definition for global influences?

An influence caused by anything that affects the whole world

What are the influences of economics to the lives of other people?

The global marketplace, or stock market.

What action of Princess Olga reflected Byzantine influences in Kiev?

she converted to Bizantine Christianity.

The jet stream influences global weather by doing what?

Producing areas of high pressure

What are the influences of African culture on contemporary Christianity in west Africa?

there are diverse influence of culture on Christianity first of all the wichtcraft systems the believe in superstitions

What were the social influences on Christianity?

Originally, Christianity emerged in a time where the Jews were politically oppressed by the Romans. Many looked forward to a Messiah who would restore Israel.

What are the influences of African culture on contemporary Christianity in Ghana?

The influence on the African culture from the contemporary Christianity in Ghana is a diverse in the culture. It is not much of a teaching as of a forcing to accept.

What is savanna's human influences?

* humans cause global warming * deforestation * poaching * over farming

How did Christianity come to the Philippines?

Although im no expert on the subject, my best guess would be the Spanish catholic (or is it Portugeuse) influences. Christianity was brought to the same way to the Americas.

What is Jamica's religion?

the official religion would be rhastaferrian but there are also influences from other religions such as Islam and Christianity

What influences the climate of an area?

The climate of an area is influenced by global wind patterns, latitude, topography, altitude, and surface.

How does music enhance our lives with your peers family and global community influences your lives?

it helps you get through your daily activities

Are Events and trends on the local national and global sphere interrelated?

Events and trends on the local national and global sphere are heavily interrelated. The local scale makes up the national. In turn, the national makes up the global. The global then comes full circle and influences the local.

In what early religion are the roots of Christianity found?

The origins of Christianity are clearly in the early Jewish faith. Some see further influences from Greek paganism and ancient Greek philosophy, particularly Platonism. Others say that Christianity could have evolved from the mystery religions.

What is not a factor that influences global climate?

None of these below are factors influencing the present global warming and climate change.The tilt of the earth.Solar variability.Volcanic eruptions.Variations in the earth's orbit.