What are the Golden Jackals enemies?


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Their enemies are humans, wolves and leopards.

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how do jackals protect them selfs

hawks,eagles,vultures, and leopards

The sand cat has a variety of enemies. These include venomous snakes, jackals, owls, as well as humans. Sand cats can be killed in traps made for foxes and jackals.

A fennec foxes' enemies are vultures, jackals, pesticides but it's main enemies are caracals,eagles and owls.

The golden jackal eats sand cats and jerboas.

The diet of a golden jackal depends greatly on the area they live in. They are omnivorous, and extremely opportunistic.

golden retrievers are very friendly dogs, they rarely have anny enemies!

lions, leopards, cheetahs, jackals hyenas, crocodiles and many other predators

Some of the leopards enemies in Africa are lions, hyenas, jackals, walruses, vultures, adult wildebeest, and adult male elephants.

No. The black backed and golden jackals are listed as species of least concern, while the silver backed and side striped jackals are listed as vulnerabl I LIKE TUARTLS

An adult giant panda is the largest animal in its habitat and has no predators. Some animals, such as snow leopards and jackals, will kill and eat young pandas, however.

East Africa is the only region where black-backed, golden and side-striped jackals live together; however, jackals also live in Africa, India and the Middle East

No,the Four Golden Princesses are not M-Girls' enemies.Although they appear on a few music videos with M-Girls,they are not enemies.

Adult ostriches have few enemies but the ones they do have include larger cats such as lions. Ostrich chicks have a high mortality rate and can fall prey to jackals, hyenas, birds of prey, and vultures.

Yes, jackals are omnivores.

The Jackals was created in 1967.

My dog doesn't like Men.

Wolves, coyotes, golden eagles, humans

Jackals are about 3ft high at the shoulder.

no, but hyenas will eat jackals

The duration of The Jackals is 1.6 hours.

Golden jackals (canis aureus) lives upto 8-13 years in the wild,16-20 years in captivity

Golden California - 2012 Sea Enemies 2-6 was released on: USA: 12 September 2013

Jackals are carnivores. So they eat meat.

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