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Is a number beginning with 0702 a zain nigeria number?

numbers begining with 0702, 0703, 0704 in the UK are like premium rate numbers, about 50p a minute - conners use them a lot as they are easily mistaken for mobile phone numbers

What number was Chuck Conners when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers?

He was number 71

What number was Dan Conners when he played for the Miami Hurricanes?

44 44

What is the number 2 in roman numbers?

IIdouble I

How do you divide double digit by double digit?

add numbers below to each number at the top

Why do you double numbers?

When you want a large number, one very effective method can be to get a small number and double it. If it's still not as large as you want, you can double it again.

What is a 3 digit number that has a middle number that is double the other two which are square numbers?


What is the result obtained by multiplying 2 numbers?

The double of the number you multiplied to two

Does a double negative number equal a positive number?

no it doesnt. two negative numbers equal a negative number. two postivie numbers equal a positive number. one negative and one positive number equal a negative number.

Double numbers on bass tabs?

If the numbers are different, they indicate that you slide from fret (first number) to fret (second number). Tabs tend to vary depending on who writes them, though, which can be confusing.

The first 3 numbers with even multiples?

Every number has an even multiple - double it and there is the even multiple.

How do you find cheque number in tally?

i prepair Bros how to find in double entirety same Cheq numbers

Are multiples of odd numbers always odd?

No. Double any odd number. The result is even.

What is a double digit number?

It is a number with two digits in it. So it goes into the "tens" place of the numbers. Basically any whole number from 10 to 99. See how any number between those numbers only has 2 numbers, or digits that make up the number? 9 would only be a single-digit number, and 100 would be a triple-digit number.

What is another name for Multiples of Two?

Doubles. * * * * * [Positive] Even numbers. Normally negative numbers are not counted amongst the multiples of a number.

How do you write C program to print a Series of Odd Numbers and Even Numbers.?

Generate a random number in half the range you are interested in. If generating odd values, subtract 1 from the upper bound of the range. That is, if the range is 0 to 100, then generate a random number in the range 0 to 50 for even numbers and 0 to 49 for odd numbers. Double the generated number to obtain the even value, or double it and add 1 to obtain the odd value.

Are there the same amount of numbers in counting numbers as whole numbers?

Curiously enough, yes.For each non-zero counting number, N, there are two whole numbers, -N and N. And then there is zero. So the number of whole numbers is approximately double the number of counting numbers. However, the count of such numbers - the cardinality of both of the two sets - is "countably infinite" and the property of this infinite value is that multiplying it by any number still gives the same infinity!

What double barrel shot gun has a serial number of 335712?

Serial numbers are not unique between makers. Impossible to answer.

What is the value of an Ithaca double barrel?

I have a 20ga Ithaca double barrel hammerliss shotgun has dogs on the action, serial number 249015 is about 85% condition, what is the age and value?

How do you find a pair of numbers when the GCF is given?

To find a pair of numbers with a given GCF, take the GCF number and double it. The pair of numbers is the GCF, and two times the GCF. For instance, two numbers with a GCF of 3 are 3 and 6.

How can you get the atomic mass of an element?

This can be found in the Periodic Table as the larger of the 2 numbers in any box. The atomic number is the number of protons, the smaller of the 2 numbers, for example Hydrogen's atomic number is 1, Helium's is 2. The atomic mass should be approximately double the atomic number.

Who made a double barrel shot gun serial number 35571?

Serial numbers are not unique between makers. Impossible to answer.

What is inner number?

Inner number is the numbers in the protractor below the number above them. BONUS ANSWER: Outer numbers are the numbers which are above the inner numbers.

Why is it that when you subtract four consecutive numbers the answer is always double the highest number but in minus?

Clarify. Subtract four consecutive numbers ... from what? It appears you mean something like: 22 - 21 - 20 - 19 And the answer is NOT -44. It is -38 ... negative double of the LOWEST number. If this is what you mean, then you have discovered another rule of mathematics. It will always work. 1001 - 1000 - 999 - 998 = -1996 Exactly the negative double of 998

What is the year and value of a Ithaca double barrel double trigger 12 gauge serial number 335163?

There's a list of serial numbers by year at