What are the Jim Crow laws?

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The Jim Crow Laws were state and local laws that established and enforced segregation. There were laws against inter-racial marriage or cohabitation and laws that said a white sales clerk could not be required to serve a black customer. Any restaurant that served both races had to provide separate eating areas and entrances. And of course they could not share a restroom!! In some places even a circus or traveling show that could "reasonably expect attendance by both races" was required to have not only separate seating areas and entrances, but separate ticket booths separated by at least 25 feet. There were races laws towards people.

They were everyday laws that everyone had to follow but seemed reacial to colored people.

a+ laws passed in south following the civil war that enforced segregation

more simple--->to keep white and African Americans separated

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Q: What are the Jim Crow laws?
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