What are the Jobs associated with tourism?

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Some jobs would be include in:
  • Hotel and lodging
  • Cruises
  • Casinos
  • Restaurant and fine dinning
  • Nightclub and alcohol establishments
  • Resorts
  • Amusement parks
  • State parks and historical points of interest
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How do you answer 'How do you motivate your associates' in a job interview?

Answer . Verbal praise is #1. Telling them when they've done a great job is a great motivator. Acting like an employee and not management (no arrogance) will give the employees the "he's one of us" mentality and will endear you to them. ASK things of them instead of demanding things. Treat them w ( Full Answer )

What jobs can you get with an associates degree in nursing?

With your Associates Degree in Nursing, you can work as a Registered Nurse in a hospital, in a doctors office, nursing home, be a school nurse, etc. Most go work in hospitals first, because they get valuable experience there. Nurses are in high demand, so you shouldn't have a problem findin ( Full Answer )

What jobs can you get with an associates of science in pharmacy?

You can make more at a job like a retail job if you're in management, but you really can't do much on an A.S. degree. You should go to college and get your B.S. so you can get a professional job. The only way you can get a job on an A.S. degree is if it's really specialized (like in computers). Othe ( Full Answer )

What jobs can you get with an associate?

I've seen a few jobs available with an associates in accounting. I would also ask someone at the school you're attending. If you're like me, I have a family and work, I plan on getting the associates and working for a few years, then going back to get a bachelors. Some people don't have the option o ( Full Answer )

Describe a sales associates job?

A sales associate in retail is responsible for tending to the customer's needs. Answer any questions a customer may have, straighten up the store ie: tidy up stacks of clothing, put things away to their proper place, replenish merchandise, ring people up on the register, take care of exchanges and r ( Full Answer )

How much does a Travel Tourism job pay?

There are many types of jobs in the travel and tourism industry.And, the pay scale varies based on the type of work you are doing.For instance, the average amusement and recreational park attendantearned $7.83 per hour. However, a cruise ship director may earnbetween $4,500 and $7,000 per month.

What job can you get with an associates in pre-law?

There is no such thing as a degree in pre-law! Some colleges offer (what they call) pre-law options, however its just a mere advisement program to make sure a student who has plans on going to law school, has the necessary background in appropriate course content. Lawyers come from a variety of bac ( Full Answer )

Does travel tourism jobs pay well?

Travel tourism jobs can pay well. It depends if you are a travelagent or a tour guide. Tour guides do not make much, but travelagents usually get bonuses or commission on what they sell.

Sales associate job description?

A sales associate job description will vary depending on thecompany he works for. It usually includes helping customers withtheir purchases.

What are some jobs associated with politics?

Campaign staffer, Congressional aide, Congressional research, Assistant consultant, Public relations assistant, Research Assistant, Politician, Lobbyist, Foreign Relations officer, Media Analyst, Peace Corps, Political Pollster, Legislative assistant These are some of the jobs you can get with a m ( Full Answer )

What do you need to get a job in tourism?

One option that works well in this field, is a degree in hospitality management. You will find many community colleges that offer this degree at the associates degree level.

Where can you get a job with an associate in applied science?

An associates in applied science is a career oriented program of study, and typically specific to one area of expertise. You have not indicated which field that degree is particular to, so it is difficult to answer your question. However, I have placed your request under the jobs category, hoping so ( Full Answer )

Advertisement about a career job in tourism?

Typr this in youtube - Kuoni Vashi career, Hospitality & tourism in global & Speedy growing world & my dreams. My love sri sri ravishankar. you will get all the videos of Tourism jobs & advertisments in tourism industry

What job can you get with associate degree in theater?

I earned a A.A. in Speech and Theater at a community college, however just an associate degree will not open many job opportunities. It does looks good on a resume. I'm now pursing/finishing up my degree in Theatre Education at Austin Peay State University. Once I graduate I will be able to teach in ( Full Answer )

What jobs are related to tourism?

There are jobs which are either directly related to tourism and also those who are indirectly related to this sector : Those directly related : . Tourist guide . Hotel manager . Receptionist . Travel agent . Housekeepers Indirectly related : . Waiters . Shop assistants in Central ( Full Answer )

What job can you get with a Associate of Science degree?

That would depend on the specific program of study (Major). Each program has its possibilities. Thus, an associates in engineering would be different than an associates in nursing, chemistry, or biology, etc.

What are some jobs associated with animals?

Zookeeper, veterinarian, vet assistant, vet tech, farmer, rancher, cowboy, pet store owner..... Animal Health Specialist , Kennel Attendant, Pet Nurse, Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Front Office Coordinator, Veterinary Manager, Veterinary Receptionist, Veterinary Sales Representative, Veterina ( Full Answer )

What is International association of medical tourism?

International Association of Medical Tourism (IAMT) is a non-profit organization, registered in the state of New Jersey, USA, committed to facilitate top-of-the-class wellness services to the health care seekers world wide. Moreover, IAMT also renders multiple benefits to health care providers, insu ( Full Answer )

What kind of jobs associated in plants?

Biology is plants and animals Gardening Florist A career in Botany (botanist) Biology includes Marine Biology, and microbiology but they also involve animals

What are related jobs to tourism?

Anything in Hotel management, strategically placed stores/restaurants, travel agent, tour operator, event management, executive travel operator.

What jobs can you get with an associates in chemistry?

You can't really get any jobs with an associate's in a hard science. The reason community colleges offer these degrees has nothing to do with employability, and everything to do with chopping a year or more off your time getting a bachelor's degree. You take the non-core courses like English and ma ( Full Answer )

What jobs are associated with teaching?

Well, the most obvious a school. But it doesn't have to be a school, it might be a medical thing too. If you're into medics and stuff, teaching students or interns. Nursery's or Pre-Schools. Youth Clubs (Drugs,sex,alcohol etc...) Driving instructing? Maybe? The jobs associated basic ( Full Answer )

What jobs are associated with cosmetology?

cosmetologist, esthetician, make up artist, celebrity stylist/make-up, theatrical stylist, platform artist, salon manager, spa director, cosmetology instructor, cosmetic sales, product/brand representative/sales.

What jobs does tourism provides?

If you are on a cruise holiday, the job could possibly be a Cruise ship director where you are responsible for planning all on board, entertainment and ship and shore activities, acting as master of ceremonies and planning tour itineraries. . If you can swim, you could be a Lifeguard which is p ( Full Answer )

What is a sales associates job?

Purpose of Classification: Performs activities associated with selling, stocking and ordering merchandise in a retail or sales operation. Incumbents in this classification may be assigned to one or more specific merchandise areas within an operation and work within established guidelines in perform ( Full Answer )

What kind of job can you get with a associate in psychology?

You could work as staff in a residential treatment center for kids, adolscents, or young adults (working directly with the clients/patients). You could work at a state mental hospital as a psych tech. You may possibly qualify for a SSW license depending on the state you are in, which would open a bu ( Full Answer )

What jobs can you get with Associate of Science in Psychology?

Some jobs you can get with a associate's degree in psychology include: . Preschool teachers assistant . Substitute Teacher . Police Officer or Corrections officer . Social Services worker or assistant . Paralegal or Legal assistant . Mental Health front desk clerk or assistant . Sales Rep. ( Full Answer )

What is a national association for aerospace jobs?

The national association for aerospace workers in the USA is known as the Aerospace Industries Association. Their postal address is 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1700, Arlington, VA, 22209.

Where can one apply for travel tourism jobs?

The travel tourism industry is wide and includes information services, accommodation, recreation, entertainment, transportation, travel, and food and beverage services. One can apply for any of these jobs with the most success in diverse metropolitan areas. Examples of job opportunities include tour ( Full Answer )

Where would it be possible to find jobs in tourism?

Hotels and resorts are great places to start looking for jobs in tourism. Jobs that may be available on cruise ships can be found on the internet, and Monster also has listings for travel, tourism and hospitality jobs. Some jobs in these fields do require more than a high school diploma, and many co ( Full Answer )

Where can someone locate tourism marketing jobs online?

One can locate tourism marketing jobs online in a variety of different ways. This includes approaching tourism recruitment agencies as well as looking up job listings on sites such as Monster.

What jobs can I get with an associates degree in physics?

There are almost no jobs in any scientific field that you can getwith just an associates degree, generally you need at least amasters degree to get these jobs. Perhaps you could qualify to work as an equipment maintenancetechnician in a scientific lab. You would not be doing any"science", just kee ( Full Answer )