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What are the Jonas Brothers' personalities like?

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September 13, 2011 8:32PM

It depends on your view of them. If you attend a concert and go to a meet and greet you will find whether or not you like their personalities.

this is what the jobros are most of the time recognized as: ;)

nick is the cute sensitive serious one, joe is the cute funny one, and Kevin is the cute romantic one they are all cute *correction* HOTT!! ;D

I think there personalities are great like...

Nick is very quiet and serious AND HOT!!!

Kevin is very dramatic and thinks hes the leader since hes the oldest AND HOT!!!

Joe is SOOOOO funny!!!!! and all he wants to do is make people laugh even when there sad or mad or whatever!! but he all so has a very sweet and sensitive side

but he doesn't show very often!!! LOL!! oh and hes HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥♥JB 4EVA♥♥