What are the Latin Kings names?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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== == The Latin Kings started out as a social organization for the advancement of the Latino community in the Chicago area in the 1940s. By the 1970s this organization spread nationally and it came to be dominated by individuals engaged in criminal activity (narcotics trafficking.) The gang has since spread through all of Latin America, and has also been found in Spain During the 1980s, Felix Millet and Nelson Millan, two inmates in the Connecticut prison system, created the Almighty Latin King Nation of Connecticut. They fine tuned the concept of the Chicago Latin Kings and created a King Manifesto. This manifesto was their rules, procedures and concept guide. It explained Kingism. It was carefully contemplated. The word of Millet and Millan spread through the Connecticut prison system rapidly. Soon the Latin Kings, also called the Almighty Latin Charter Nation, became the largest gang in Connecticut. In 1986, Luis Felipe, calling himself King Blood, took the Connecticut King Manifesto and added a few of his own writings and prayers. He formed the Almighty Latin King Nation of New York State at the Collins Correctional Institution and ended up serving a lengthy prison sentence. Within a few years, the Latin Kings spread through the New York State Prison system and onto the streets. New York City, by the early 1990s had several hundred members which grew into the thousands throughout New York State and nearby New Jersey by the mid 1990s. Although Felipe was in prison, he produced many loyal Latin Kings and upon release recruited other members. These loyal soldiers established chapters throughout New York, New Jersey and certain areas of Pennsylvania. These chapters were called tribes and used animal names, such as Tiger Tribe, Wolf Tribe and Lion Tribe to label the different chapters. Each chapter maintained their own hierarchical structure. The leader was the Primera Corona (First Crown), the second in command was the Segunda Corona or second crown, the third crown was the "Warlord" or "Enforcer", the fourth crown was the Counselor (and conducted the Latin King training lessons), and the fifth crown was the Treasurer (responsible for collecting the weekly dues and fines.) By 1994, New York City experienced the reality of the Latin Kings. They were the most violent and largest street gang New York City had ever seen. By 1995, the Latin Kings were subject of a massive RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization) investigation being conducted by the United States Attorney's Office, FBI-New York and the NYPD. It resulted in the arrest of several dozen members of the Latin Kings on a multitude of charges, including arson and murder. The Latin Kings were found to be connected with dozens of murders, kidnappings, drug deals and assaults. All defendants but one, Luis Felipe, pleaded guilty. After trial, Luis Felipe was sentenced to life in prison with no parole. He is currently serving at the Supermax prison ADX Florence in Florence Colorado. In 1996, the new leader of the Latin Kings in New York, which seemed to be spearheading other East Coast Latin King chapters, was Antonio "King Tone" Fernandez. Fernandez attempted to polish the image of the Latin Kings by the use of the media, selected sympathizers and political organizations. He advocated the Latin Kings as a brotherhood of men and women attempting to better their lives and communities through unity and education. Striving to perfect that end, King Tone sought the help of the Calientemix Organization, to create workshops and counseling to members. However, as Fernandez went on a mass media spree of propaganda, the NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney's Office targeted Fernandez and the Latin Kings. By 1999, this joint investigation (now labeled Operation Crown and including the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, United States Attorney's Office, Bronx District Attorney's Office, FBI and the NYPD) resulted in the arrest of over one hundred (100) members of the Latin Kings in New York and New Jersey, including King Tone. The charges included conspiracy to distribute narcotics, narcotics possession, weapons possession and murder. In February 1999, Antonio .King Tone' Fernandez plead guilty to charges related to this arrest and denounced the Latin Kings in a federal courtroom in Brooklyn. Fernandez received a twelve year sentence to a maximum security prison in Terre Haute. Violent behavior is the hallmark of the Latin Kings; they are also involved in the sale of drugs, weapons trafficking, and providing protection. As a result of the many ALKN gang leaders who have been incarcerated, the leadership of this gang still has the ability to orchestrate rules and policies from within the prison system. The Milwaukee chapter of the Latin Kings street gang engaged in 8 year span of violent activity, such as murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking, robbery, kidnapping, arson, home invasions, drive-by shootings and intimidation of witnesses, according to an indictment unsealed in federal court today. Following a multi-year federal, state and local task force investigation, 49 members of the Latin Kings street gang were charged in federal court in Milwaukee with racketeering, drug and firearms offenses. Also today, federal, state and local law enforcement officers arrested numerous suspects and executed 15 federal search warrants in the Milwaukee area. The 38 count indictment charges that the Latin Kings operated as a criminal RICO enterprise in Milwaukee and other parts of Wisconsin from January of 1998 through September 27, 2005, the date of the indictment. The indictment contains specific allegations regarding 4 murders and 38 attempted murders were committed by the defendants.The indictment alleges that the Latin Kings had an established hierarchy, requiring the payment of membership and chapter dues paid from drug trafficking and robberies. The indictment alleges that members of group committed acts of violence against other street gangs to protect and defend Latin King territory and against members of the Latin Kings as punishment for violating gang rules. The indictment alleges that members of the gang distributed cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana. If convicted, the defendants face up to life imprisonment on the racketeering charges and from 10 years to life on the drug trafficking conspiracy charge. On August 20, 2006, 39 members of the ALKQN were arrested in Tampa, Florida at the Caribbean-American Club. These members represented the leadership of the entire state of Florida, according to Sheriff David Gee. Those arrested face charges of conspiracy to engage in racketeering.

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there names are kings like ex. king might well i kno some guys that r in that gang for example king-jay and king-chino they all have the word king in it.

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Don't worry about it homie, if you ain't associated with the almighty Latin kings then you don't deserve to know.

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On top is the Almighty King.....on the bottom is you mother.....that is all y’all need to know. LMAO!!!!!

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Q: What are the Latin Kings names?
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