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I assume the policy holder is the insured? Has the insured died? If not, It is time to change beneficiaries. Seek out the help of your agent to make sure you choose a properly named beneficiary. If the insured has died, there would have been a contingent beneficiary. All you need to do is contact the claims department of the insureds insurance company. If you are not the policy owner or the beneficiary, you are going to be limited in what info you can obtain but you can initiate the claim. 4lifeguild

2006-08-16 11:07:36
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Q: What are the Michigan laws when a beneficiary dies before the policy holder?
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What happens if beneficiary named on life insurance policy dies before the policy holder?

The policy holder has the choice to change the name of the beneficiary at any time, including after the death of a named beneficiary. If the policy holder doesn't change the name of the beneficiary after the beneficiaries death, depending on what state you live in it goes to next of kin.

The beneficiary died after the policy holder who is also deceased Who is the beneficary spouse or children from previous marriage?

When the policy holder dies, the money goes to the beneficiary. If the beneficiary then dies, THEIR beneficiary then gets the money.

What happens if the beneficiary dies?

The next of kin to the policy holder will get paid for the policy.

What is the difference between a policy holder and a beneficiary?

the person in whose name the policy is issued legally is known as policy holder the person who gains insurance cover is known as beneficiary ,it may be himself or dependents(nominees)

The holder of the insurance policy is called the?

The holder is the owner, In the case of Life Insurance , the person paid is the beneficiary .

Is amount left after policy is paid off paid to beneficiary at time of death of policy holder?

Can you re-phrase this question? After the policy has been paid (to the beneficiary), there is no amount left.

What if your fathers girlfriend leave the estate to the father but father dies before policy holder does the estate got to children of the father?

If the girlfriend is still alive then she can change her beneficiary. If she died and didn't change her beneficiary then you may have a claim if her estate went to your father. You should speak to an attorney. You refer to a "policy holder" in your question as well as an "estate". If the subject is a life insurance policy and your father was the beneficiary but was deceased when the insured died then be aware that the girlfriend probably named a contingent beneficiary on her policy.

What is the definition of a permanent beneficiary?

I think that you're refering to an "irrevocable" beneficiary. This means that the beneficiary designation can only be changed if both the policy holder (owner) AND the current beneficiary sign off on it.

Is the executor of a deceased beneficiary entitled to the Policy?

In case of demise of the life insurance policy holder, only the NOMINEE is the beneficiary to get the amount. In case nomination is not done, the legal heir of the deceased person can apply before the insurance authority for the death benefit.

What type of policy can a owner and beneficiary be the same?

In any life insurance policy, though there is provision for appointment of nominee, on maturity the proceeds will be payable to the policy holder if he/she is alive. By this way, the owner of the policy and the beneficiary is the same person.

Can a spouse change there deceased spouses beneficiary name on a life insurance policy?

The owner of the policy can change the beneficiary of the policy. If the original beneficiary has died before the insured, the owner of the policy can designate a new beneficiary at any time.

If the beneficiary of a life insurance died before the policy holder do you need a copy of the beneficiary death certificate?

Yes. If there is a contingent beneficiary, the insurance company will need proof that the primary predeceased the principal in order to pay the contingent beneficiary. If there was no contingent beneficiary named the insurance company will pay the proceeds to the principal's estate.

What happens to a home insurance policy when the holder dies?

the house is paid off and given to the beneficiary

Can one life insurance policy have two names listed as the policy holder?

Do you mean as owner or as beneficiary? Either way, yes.

Who collects the life insurance if the policy holder and beneficiary have died?

If the beneficiary of a policy has died, the estate of the beneficiary can still collect the insurance payment, assuming that the beneficiary does have an heir or heirs of some kind (as most people do). Note that this is a fairly unusual situation, because normally when a beneficiary dies, a new beneficiary is named. There is no reason to allow the policy to have no living beneficiary, unless the insured and the beneficiary happen to die at about the same time, and there is no time to name a new beneficiary.

What happens if the beneficiary of a life insurance policy is deceased and there is no will?

In case of death of the policy holder, with beneficiary already deceased and there is no will, the Insurance Company will pay only to the Legal Heir of the Policy Holder. The death claim will be kept in abeyance till the legal heir proves his legal identity to the satisfaction of the Insurance Company.

If the beneficiary of a life insurance died before the policy holder and there was no contingent beneficiary does the life insurance go the next of kin or to the estate?

The life insurance proceeds must enter the estate, The Executor of the estate will then determine how, when and to whom it should be dispersed.

Can an exwife be a beneficiary?

If the ex-wife is the nominated person of the policy holder, she will definitely get the death/maturity benefits, no doubt about it !

Can you sue the insurance agents for giving you the wrong advice on changing beneficiary?

The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is solely up to the policy holder. It's not very likely that the insurance agent would give advise other than to inform the policy holder that they have the right to designate any person they wish as their beneficiary. Although you could certainly sue almost anyone for almost anything, Winning the suit is another matter.

Can a viatical settlement firm sell a policy to a third party?

Yes. The company or investor will then become the beneficiary to the policy, pays the premiums and collects the face value of the policy after the original policy holder dies.

Is life insurance considered as the estate of the deceased?

only if there is no beneficiary named on the policy, or if the beneficiary(ies) deceased before the insured.

Does your spouse have to be your beneficiary for long term disability?

No your spouse does not need to be your beneficiary. Most claims checks are paid to the policy holder. Disability pays benefits while you are alive, but unable to work. The beneficiary designation comes into play only rarely.

What happens if the sole beneficiary on an insurance policy dies before that person and the policy is never changed?

It goes to the estate

What happens if someone dies and has no beneficiary on his life insurance policy?

In that case, the money will be kept deposited with the insurance company as unclaimed amount. In absence of the beneficiary, the insurance company can pay the money to the legal heir of the policy holder, but that has to be sufficiently proved in the Court of Law.

Dispute on life insurance beneficiary?

In the event of eventuality of the policy holder, the beneficiary is the nominee to get the death benefit amount. When the nominee is a minor, the appointee will act on behalf of the nominee till he/she attains adulthood to be eligible to get benefit amount. When both the policy holder and nominee die, the life insurance company will pay to the legal heir, duly certified by the Honorable Court.