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Artists, Delft pottery, flatness, windmills, wooden shoes, tullips, Anne Frank, canals, the red light district, pot, cows, bikes, Philips Electronics, Soccer, The Efteling theme park.
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Where are the Netherlands?

Answer . The Netherlands is situated in northwest Europe with much of its coastline facing eastern England. Between the Netherlands and England you'll find the Northsea. The Netherlands lies to the west of Germany and to the north of Belgium. It's located at the Northwest of Europe North of Belgi ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Netherlands?

Netherlands is the English translation of 'Nederland'. Nederlandliterally means 'low lying land' ('Neder' is an older word with thedefinition low and 'land' means land). The Netherlands arepartially located below sea level and that is the reason why it iscalled The Netherlands. In English and mult ( Full Answer )

Religions of Netherlands?

Netherlands have distinct percentages of religions, like RomanCatholic (25%), Irreligious (50%), Muslim (5%), Dutch ReformedChurch (7%), Protestant Church in the Netherlands (7%) and otherreligions (6%).

What is the Netherlands known for?

Probably best known for drugs. Though decreasingly so, drugs used to be relatively easily available. Additionally it is known for being very flat (no mountains), tullips (which aren't really from the Netherlands), wooden shoes, mills and prostitution.

Exports of Netherlands?

The Netherlands had a variety of exports. The top exports of theNetherlands are mineral fuels, machinery, electronic equipment,organic chemicals, and plastics.

Amsterdam Netherlands is known for what?

Amsterdam is known for its architecture, canals, university, practically legal marijuana, legal prostitution, museums, trendy boutiques and shopping, cultural and ethnic diversity, large South Asian and Arab communities, and large gay community.

Liberation of the Netherlands?

The final liberation of the home-region of the Netherlands (thatis, its European lands) took place in May of 1945 after the Germansurrender. Partial liberation had taken place as early as 1944, yetGerman forces remained in control of other portions until the war'sformal end.

On a map where is the Netherlands?

http://www.technical-translations.net/imagesscreenshotsworld_map.jpg It is the little white-coloured country on the left side of the brown-coloured country's. http://www.juicemaster.com/template/displaymap.jpg This is a close-up The Netherlands is coloured red white blue

Why are the Netherlands called the Netherlands?

In Dutch, the language is called Nederlands (literally: Netherlandish ), which derives from the name Nederland . The origin of the word Nederlands is Dutch, but not so much the usage of the name itself. Of course, nether ('low') could simply refer to the geographical characteristics of the l ( Full Answer )

What can you do in the Netherlands?

You can go sightseeing all around the Netherlands. I would recomend the CoBrA Museum. If you want to stay a few days and you have tons of money, you can go to the Softile the Grand hotel..

What colony was originally known as New Netherland?

Um lets see ............................ New York. I think so. Well search it up and plz stop looking on freaking wiki answers it so unreliable you want to know how? Because I can be lying so search it up on google not wiki answers and open a freaking textbook instead of being on this crap w ( Full Answer )

What are Netherlands minerals?

The Netherlands has a large gas field in the North in slochteren, one of the biggest in the world.

Where can you get food in the Netherlands?

At Thuisbezorgd.NL (www.thuisbezorgd.nl) people can order food online at restaurants. The website also offers payment options and is only available in the Netherlands. There are also sister companies present across other nations in Europe.

What religion does the Netherlands have?

The Netherlands is one of the most secular countries in Western Europe. The most people are atheïst. Currently Roman Catholicism is the single largest religion of the Netherlands. The Protestant Church of the Netherlands followed . the Dutch Reformed Church and the Reformed Churches in the Nether ( Full Answer )

The Netherlands is also known as?

People often call the Netherlands Holland, but this is actuallywrong. Netherlands is the country and Holland is just a region ofthe Netherlands. See the related question below.

What is Netherlands landforms?

By: Worldatlas The Netherlands is a very flat country with almost 25% of its land at, or below sea level. Low rolling hills cover some of the central area, and in the far south, the land rises into the foothills of the Ardennes Mountains. Vaalserberg, the country's highest point is located th ( Full Answer )

Is there terrorism in the Netherlands?

Only a little bit. There isn't much terrorism in The Netherlands. Of course there are fights and some thieves who are trying to break into your house or are stealing stuff from stores, but it isn't like everywhere you go you have to be afraid of terrorism.

What celebrations are in Netherlands?

A normal, christian Dutchie Celebrates This: Sinterklaas Kerst (Christmas) Pinksteren(Pentecost) Pasen (Easter) Verjaardagen (Birthdays) Witte donderdag (Maundy Thursday) Dodenherdenking (Death Acknowledging) Koninginnedag (Dutch queens day) Bevrijdingsdag (To celebrate the day we ( Full Answer )

Is Netherlands in France?

No, France and Netherlands both are different countries.Netherlands and France was the eighth largest trading partner in2016. I like to travel mostly to Netherlands during my vacations.

What provinces are in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has 12 provinces. Noord Holland, Zuid Holland, Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Utrecht, Flevoland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Gelderland, Overijssel and Limburg.

What is the religon in the Netherlands?

It's kind of confusing. The Netherlands was Cathlic until there was a big religious revolution then (80 year war/tachtig jarige oorlog) the country was mostly protostant. The Netherlands is still oficially protostant but more people are cathlic now

How hot is Netherlands?

It has a sea climate, so not very hot. It usually is very wet, because of the rain. Summers are usually between 18-27 degrees Celsius. But of course: you can never really predict the weather. Last summer(2009) we had up to 35 degrees Celsius in the summer.

What is the culture in Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a multi-cultural country. But the people of origin are mostly catholics, but now the atheïstic group is growing. We celebratd queensday at 30th of april, to celebrate our queen. In february we celebrate Carnaval, not many people now what we are really celebrating then because t ( Full Answer )

Who runs he Netherlands?

The government named 'De Tweede Kamer'. It means if you translate it literally it is: The Second Room. And ofcourse queen Beatrix

How do the Netherlands cook?

Like everybody else on the world, I guess? I'm Dutch and I don't really difference with how the rest of the world cooks?

What part of the Netherlands is known as Holland?

The whole of Netherlands is sometimes referred to as Holland. However, the original area that was Holland makes up two provinces of Netherlands which are North and South Holland. They are located on the West Coast of the Netherlands. See the link below.

What is the history in Netherlands?

After the war, the Dutch economy prospered by leaving behind an era of neutrality and gaining closer ties with neighbouring states. The Netherlands was one of the founding members of the Benelux( Be lgium, the Ne therlands and Lux embourg) grouping, was among the twelve founding members of the Nor ( Full Answer )

What Europe country is also known as the Netherlands?

The name Holland is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to the Netherlands. Holland is in fact just part of the whole country, being a region in the west, so the Netherlands is the correct name for the country.

What is the city of netherland?

The capital city is Amsterdam. The government resides in The Hague. Other major cities are Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen.

What county is the Netherlands in?

According to Google Maps it's located at a crossing of two streets near Hayti, Missouri. World coordinates 36.299122,-89.751193. There is another world location called The Netherlands however that's a country (with r) in Europe. It consists of counties, instead of being in one.

What are the bordrlines of the Netherlands?

Most people would say the Netherlands border on Belgium to thesouth and Germany to the east. The Kingdom of the Netherlands, however, is bigger then theNetherlands itself. The Caribbean islands of Curacao, Aruba and St.Martin are also part of it as souvereign nations. On St. Martin,the Kingdom shar ( Full Answer )

Is Netherlands landlocked?

No. The country borders the North Sea (in the European part) in thenorth and west, and the Caribbean Sea in the Caribbean part.

Is Netherlands socialist?

The current government of the Netherlands is comprised of theconservative liberal VVD and the Labour Party. Socialist or communist parties have been or are part of parliament,but have never been in government.

Where are the Netherlands found?

South-East of the North Sea, East of the UK, North of France and Belgium, West of Germany. But only if one searches.

How cold is the Netherlands?

in the summer around the 20 degrees celcius and in the winter it various from +5 til -10 degrees celcius

When did the Netherlands get its independence?

1648 is when The Netherlands won independence. I don't know where people are getting the "1609", but that's B.S. I'm a student doing a project on The Netherlands, and I know for a fact, it's 1648... So there yuh go! (: Actually the Netherlands have a longer history than that. Its true that peace ( Full Answer )

Are the Netherlands Spanish?

No. The Netherlands are Dutch. The phrase "Spanish Netherlands" refers to the historical provinces of France, Luxembourg, and Belgium that were ruled by the Spanish from 1581 to 1713, and then by Austria. This included all of modern Belgium, notably the cities of Brussels and Flanders.

Do the Netherlands have a king?

Right now we have a queen (Beatrix). She is queen since April 30th 1980. Her son Willem-Alexander will be the next in line to be king of the Netherlands. He is married to Maxima, an Argentinian, and they have 3 daughters.

Why was Netherland named Netherland?

'Nederland' is an archaic Dutch word for 'low country'. 'The LowCountries' is an old term for the Netherlands and part ofBelgium. . Low Countries might refer to how low the Netherlands actuallyare: more than 50% of the Netherlands are below sea-level. The namecould also refer to the countries being ( Full Answer )

Which region is informally known as the Netherlands?

No region is informally known as the Netherlands. You may be thinking of Holland. Holland is often incorrectly used to refer to the Netherlands. Holland is just an area in the Netherlands, not the whole country. So you could say that the Netherlands is informally known as Holland, but it is wron ( Full Answer )

What happened to the Dutch colony known as New Netherlands?

It's more involved than this explanation, but a quick and dirtyanswer is. There were a series of wars between the British and theDutch over this territory. After each one the Dutch came out on theshort end. Finally, while the third was going on the Dutch wereattacked by several European powers. They ( Full Answer )