What are the Oklahoma symbols?

The Official State Mammal is the American Bison, which is both fitting and apppropriate.
The Official State Meal which is a culinary and dietary disaster.
Why have four Official State songs when only "Oklahoma" is universally recognized?
Milk is the official state drink and that won't create much excitement.
The generic watermelon is the states "vegetable" and their Black Diamond Melon is the best in the world.
The Eastern Redbud isn't much among trees.
The scissor tailed flycatcher is an interesting choice when they devote so much time and energy touting turkey hunting which is the state gamebird.
The state fruit is the strawberry.
They name a state flower (Oklahoma Rose), state wildflower (Indian Blanket) and state floral emblem (mistletoe).
Oklahoma has a state rock (Rose Rock), state insect (honeybee), state butterfly (Black Swallowtail) and English is the official anguage.