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Region 4 is broken down into two sections in the Philippines. There is region 4-A and 4-B. Region 4-A, which is known as Calabarzon includes the places such as Laguna, Cavite, Rizal and Batangas. Region 4-B, which is known as Mimaropa has the places such as Romblon, Palawan and Puerto Princesa.

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Q: What are the Places of the Philippines is under region 4?
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What are the names of the places of Region 4-B of the Philippines?

The places of Region 4-B is MIndoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan

What are the names of the places of Region 4-A of the Philippines?

The places of Region 4-A is Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal amd Quezon

What region in the Philippines is the most populated?

region 4

What are the climates of Region 4 A in the Philippines?

hot and dry

What is the capital of region 4-a in the Philippines?

Calamba City

List of congressman in region 4 in the Philippines?


What are the names of the places of Region 1 of the Philippines?

Region 1 is composed of 4 provinces and a total of 9 cities. It is also called the Ilocos Region. North Philippines or North Luzon is basically Region 1 which consists: Ilocos Norte:Laoag City Ilocos Sur:Vigan City La Union:San Fernando City Pangasinan:Lingayen

What are the festivals in Region 4 B Philippines?

The most famous festival of Region 4 B of the Philippines is the Moriones festival where divers seek the marine wonders of Occidental Mindoro's Apo reef. This region also has the flower festival that is also a yearly event.

What are the festivals in Region 4-B Philippines?

The Feast of Three Kings and the Dugoy Festival are two festivals in this region.

What are the beautiful sites in Former region 4-A Philippines?

i don't know sorry

How many provinces that comprised in every region in the Philippines?

CAR- 6 Region 1- 4 Region 2- 5 Region 3- 7 Region 4-A- 5 Region 4-B- 5 Region 5- 6 Region 6- 6 Region 7- 4 Region 8- 6 Region 9- 3 Region 10- 5 Region 11- 4 Region 12- 4 CARAGA - 5 ARMM - 6

What are the Products of Region 4 in the Philippines?

rice, rootcrops, corn, vegetables, fruits, coconuts, and sugarcane