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where did the principals of democracy originate?


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Government by the people for the people

Sharron Goldman Walker has written: 'Principals as maverick leaders' -- subject(s): Educational leadership, School principals, Democracy and education

The possessive form for the plural noun principals is principals'.Example: The principals' salaries in this district are the lowest in the state.

The possessive form of the plural noun principals is principals'.Example: Our principal is away at a principals' conference.

--A pure democracy cannot be preserved. A pure democracy will always degenerate into either anarchy or socialism because the rule of the people subordinates laws. Laws can only be enforced in a republic. In a democracy, the majority will always vote for that which benefits the majority. In a republic, laws prevent the majority from destroying the minority. --The United States is a republic based upon democratic principals. In a true democracy, every thing would be decided by a popular vote. Rather, a more efficient and enduring system is to elect representatives that reflect the goals of the majority and have these representatives create and enforce laws that conform to the basic principals of the country. In the US, those principals are defined by the US Constitutions and the various powers promulgated there from.

There is no specific collective noun for a group of school principals, in which case a noun suitable for the situation can be used; for example a committee of school principals, a union of school principals, a succession of school principals, etc.

The principals name is Mrs. truchbull

to appoint principals and vice principals

The principals of the school came running when they heard of the student fight.

Vermont Principals' Association was created in 1945.

Maine Principals' Association was created in 1927.

The disadvantage of school without principals is that there is no chain of command from the top.

== == The apostrophe goes between the "l" and the "s," because it is the speech belonging to the principal.

the principals that I found were:-popular sovereignty-separation of powers-limited government

The motto of Vermont Principals' Association is 'Supporting Learners and Leaders'.

principals offered by Isps to connect to the internet

how much money do principals make a year

The cast of Principals - 2011 includes: Heidi Zenz as Gladys

Committee of Scottish Higher Education Principals was created in 1992.

Related principals means principals that are associated. In term of money, this can be used to mean different amounts of money that are borrowed by one person from one lender which are combined as one principal amount.

The assistant principal handles all discipline issues and the principal handles schoolwide problems...

No because principals tell us if we have field tripe or not

liberal democracy. Democracy altogether. socialist democracy. Democracy elite. A pluralist democracy.

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