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What are the SAT score requirements for University of Alabama?

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SAT verbal scores over 500 75%, SAT math scores over 500 76%, SAT verbal scores over 600 36%, SAT math scores over 600 34%, SAT verbal scores over 700 10%, SAT math scores over 700 10%, and also the GPA must be 3.4 or better.

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What are the SAT score requirements for Washington State University?

There are no specific SAT requirements for Washington State University. In 2013, the average SAT score of all three sections combined was 1450.

What are the SAT score requirements for Rowan University?

Rowan University is located in New Jersey. There are no minimum SAT score requirements. Average scores are between 510 and 630 for math and between 480 and 580 for reading.

What are the sat requirements for the university of Miami?

There is no set SAT requirements for the University of Miami. Last year's admitted students averaged an SAT score of 1910. Anything around that should make you a competitive applicant.

What are the admissions requirements for LSU University?

the admission requirements for lsu is a good act and sat score and a 3.0 gpa.

What are the requirements to get into a good University?

Start with a good OP or SAT score of around 10-1 (OP) 80+ (SAT) to have a chance at getting in.

SAT score for West Georgia College Carrollton Georgia?

The University of West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia admits applicants based on SAT scores that meet the (TCSG) Technical College System of Georgia requirements. The minimum requirements for SAT reading is 430, SAT Math Score is 410. An SAT reading score of 480, and SAT math score of 480 is required for the international tuition waiver eligibility.

What are the sat score requirements for NC State?

there are no requirements, but the average S.A.T. score is 1176

What does the sat score have to be for Valdosta State University?

A 900 SAT is required for Valdosta State University. Applicants should review Georgia's Board of Regents for additional minimum requirements.

What is the minimum GPA requirements for WOU?

Average GPA Score as listed in Hotcoursesusa for Western Oregon University is: GPA score: 2.75 Average SAT math score: 470 Average SAT writing score: 470 Average ACT score: 21

What are the entrance requirements for Tulane University?

The average SAT score is about 2000, and the average ACT score is 31. Most students who get in have scores in the area of these numbers.

What is the ACT score required to get into University of Alabama?

There is no specific ACT score required for the University of Alabama admissions. Instead, the university employs a competitive admission process that includes reviewing and evaluating each application on an individual basis for an applicant's abilities as a student and a scholar. Note, however, that the University of Alabama does require the writing section of the ACT or the SAT.

What is the SAT score needed to get in Xavier?

the sat score you need to get into xavier university is a 4.12 or a 5.21

What is Faulkner University's average SAT score?

Faulkner University in Alabama offers open admissions for students, meaning prospective students are not required to take the SAT in order to be admitted.

What sat score is needed to get into University of Binghamton?

its binghamton university chief. and your gonna need a good sat score. I'd say a 1900+

What are the GPA and sat requirements to get into university of California san Diego?

I'm not sure about the SAT scores, but im pretty sure a 2.4 GPA is satisfactory. Also I believe the average SAT score is 2300

What is the SAT score required to get into Francis Marion University?

What is the required SAT score to attend Francis Marion?

What is the minimum SAT or ACT score needed Ohio dominican University?

An ACT score of about 35-36 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University. A SAT score of about 600 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University.

What is the SAT score to be accepted to Cedarville University?

For most colleges and universities 1400 SAT score is considered a good score for admissions.

What are the SAT score requirements for Mercer University?

Achieve a minimum score on the SAT or ACT test. Multiple tests will be combined using the highest verbal and mathematics scores. However, achieving the minimum score does not guarantee admission to the University. Please contact an Admissions Counselor for more information on required test scores.

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