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What are the Similar transistor for C 4131 transistor?


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what is the similar transistor to


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In class c operation, the transistor conducts 100% of the time.

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The pin configuration of sl 100 is B C E with ground as the base of the transistor.

A sexy transistor are two type. NPN and PNP..... c means common b means base .

The CK in the CK722 Raytheon transistor stands for the Radio Manufacturers Association.

Uranium (U) Melting point: 1405.3 K, 1132.2 °C, 2070 °F Boiling point: 4404 K, 4131 °C, 7468 °F

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in bc107 transistor b stands for the material i.e,silicon here and c stands for af low power signal

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the transistor is called as transistor because there is transfer of resistance from input to output .transfer resistance so it is transistor.

They are both used for similar functions, such as oscillators, amplifiers, and switches. The vacuum tube was invented first, and has therefore been around longer than the transistor.

Java is not similar to C. Java is, however, similar to C++. Both C++ and Java are object orientated programming languages (OOPL's).

A silicon transistor is a transistor made of silicon.

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What is a 2N2369 transistor.It's an npn switching transistor.

I can give you several sentences.I bought a transistor radio.The transistor amplified the signal.We studied the transistor in science class.

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what is load line of transistor what is load line of transistor

A Unijunction Transistor is a transistor that acts solely as a switch.

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