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if you go on iTunes and go to the store and search for skeleton creek, the have all the videos for skeleton creek and ghost in the machine and the name of the videos are the passwords

:) it does work

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โˆ™ 2009-10-24 13:43:50
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Q: What are the Skeleton Creek book answers to watch the videos?
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Where do you watch the Skeleton Creek videos?

At the website listed below (officially).

What is the book after Skeleton Creek?

The book after Skeleton Creek is called ghost in the Machine, it is also really good and has passwords at the end of each chapter. You also go to watch the videos at

What are Sarah fincher website?

It is a website you can watch scary videos about a book called Skeleton Creek. Passwords are included to watch these videos. Enter these passwords and be ready for a chilling event!

Where do you go to see the Skeleton Creek videos from the second book?

It's the same place where you watch the videos from the first book - the Sarah Fincher website. (see the related link)

What are the passwords for the Skeleton Creek book?

WARNING! some of the videos are pretty scary... but here are the passwords for all the skeleton creek videos NOT passwords for Ghost In The Machine (the second book for skeleton creek) 1. houseofusher 2. theraven 3. pitandpendulum 4. amontillado 5. drjekyllandmrhyde 6. luckywesternra 7. peterquint 8. miltonarbogast 9. tanginabarrons again: BEWARE OF THE VIDEOS!!! to watch the videos, go to NOT or Sarah (my mistake... took me forever to get to the real website...) enjoy! (and don't get to freaked out...)

Were do you go to watch Skeleton Creek?

you go to and then when you go there it will tell you that if you are not Ryan mccray to get off the website when it says that click continue and then after that there will be a white bar in the middle of the screen that is where you put the passwords to watch the videos and to get you started the first password is houseofusher.

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What are the passwords to the Skeleton Creek videos?

The passwords are: 1. HOUSEOFUSHER 2.THERAVEN 3. PITANDPENDULUM 4. AMONTILLADO 5. DRJEKYLLANDMRHYDE 6. LUCYWESTENRA 7. PETERQUINT 8. MILTONARBOGAST 9. TANGINABARRONS BEWARE OF THE VIDEOS!!!!! Go TO You should read the book too,it's really good! WARNING the videos are VERY SCARY and you should watch with someone to hide your face in!!! My 40 year old mother even got scared!!!

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