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Q: What are the Skeleton Creek ghost of the machine passwords?
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Skeleton Creek 2 ghost in the machine passwords?

one is jacktorrance

What are the Skeleton Creek book answers to watch the videos?

if you go on itunes and go to the store and search for skeleton creek, the have all the videos for skeleton creek and ghost in the machine and the name of the videos are the passwords :) it does work

What is the book after Skeleton Creek?

The book after Skeleton Creek is called ghost in the Machine, it is also really good and has passwords at the end of each chapter. You also go to watch the videos at

Did the second Skeleton Creek come out yet?

I meant the second Skeleton Creek as in Ghost in the Machine.

Is there a skeleton creek 2?

Yep, Ghost in the Machine

What is the second Skeleton Creek book?

Ghost in the Machine

What are the passwords for Skeleton Creek-monster in the machine?

by the way it's called ghost in the machine and some are leonardshelby and maryshelly and georgegelutz. read the book to find out the rest

How many books are in the Skeleton Creek series?

Four: Skeleton Creek; Ghost in the Machine; and The CrossBones; the Raven

Will there be a Skeleton Creek book 3?

i believe that at the end of ghost in the machine, Ryan says that Sarah will be trying to find Henry. There is a book 3. It is called The Crossbones.What are the passwords for it?

What are the ghost in the machine passwords in order?

Ghost in the Machine passwords :leonardshelbyjacktorrancecastleofotrantocarlkolchakimatschoolmaryshelleytheancientmarinergeorgelutzfatheraristeusnewyorkgoldandsilverleonardshelby jacktorrancecastleofotrantocarlkolchakimatschoolmaryshellyancientmarinegeorgelutzfatheraristeusnewyorkgoldandsilver

What is the order of the Skeleton Creek series?

1. Skeleton Creek, 2. Ghost In The Machine, 3. The Crossbones, 4. The Raven (thats the order of the books)

How many books are there to skeleton creek?

well there 4 books in the series 1. skeleton creek 2. the ghost in the machine 3. crossbones 4. is the raven

What are the password to ghost in the machine?

If you want to watch the movies to Skeleton Creek and Ghost in the Machine you have to go to: www.Sarahfincher.comthe passwords to Skeleton Creek is:1. thehouseofusher or houseofusher you can try neither one2. theraven3. pitandpendulum4. amontillado5. drjekyllandmrhyde6. peterquint7. lucywestenra8. miltonarbogast9. tanginabarronsthe passwords for Ghost in the Machine is:1. leonardshelby2. jacktorrance3. castleofortranto4. carlkochak5. imatschool6. maryshelley7. theanientmarine8. georgelutz9. fatheraristeus10. newyorkgoldandsilverGOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GOOD TIME WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. it's really scary if you want to watch it during midnight!!!!!!! and my comment about Sarah fincher is that she has really big eyes

Has Skeleton Creek book 2 come out?

No Skeleton Creek 2 has not come out yet. It comes out in October 2009!!! YAY I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! The book is going to be called The Ghost In The Machine.

What are the ghost in the machine passwords?

Ghost in the Machine passwords :leonardshelbyjacktorrancecastleofotrantocarlkolchakimatschoolmaryshelleytheancientmarinergeorgelutzfatheraristeusnewyorkgoldandsilver

Skeleton creek 2 passwords?

the new book called ghost in the machine is not out until October so if you find them before then you are lucky Also books 2 and 3 are now out not sure about book4 but I know it is called the raven

What are the books that Patrick Carman wrote?

Skeleton Creek Ghost in the Machine The Crossbones The Raven...thats all i kno there are more tho

What are the passwords for the Skeleton Creek book?

WARNING! some of the videos are pretty scary... but here are the passwords for all the skeleton creek videos NOT passwords for Ghost In The Machine (the second book for skeleton creek) 1. houseofusher 2. theraven 3. pitandpendulum 4. amontillado 5. drjekyllandmrhyde 6. luckywesternra 7. peterquint 8. miltonarbogast 9. tanginabarrons again: BEWARE OF THE VIDEOS!!! to watch the videos, go to NOT or Sarah (my mistake... took me forever to get to the real website...) enjoy! (and don't get to freaked out...)

Ghost in the machine Sarah fincher passwords?


Sarah fincher passwords to ghost in the machine?


Is ghost in the machine Patrick carmans last book for the series?

No! There are four books total to the series of Skeleton Creek. Book One: Skeleton Creek Book Two: Ghost In The Machine Book Three: The Crossbones Book Four: The Raven and all those books listed above are the books in the serie.(: hope you enjoy the books

What is one of the passwords on the sara fincher website for Ghost in the Machine?

This is not a code, but if you go to , you can see the last video of skeleton creek 1 and the 1st video of ghost in the machine!!! (think about the writing on the wall when you see it!) it's when sarah wishpers to the group of people with she says what it says on the wall she says don't make me find U

What is the ghosts name in Skeleton Creek?

The Ghost Of Old Joe Bush

What are Sarah finchers books?

Well, there are 2 books that I know of in the series of ? number if books... The first book is SKELETON CREEK and the second book is called GHOST IN THE MACHINE. The skeleton creek one is by Patrick Carman and I believe the other is too.

Passwords for Ghost In The Machine?

spider fish are not real and yet pirahnas are