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Deer, snapping turtle, moose, rattle snake, black widow spider, black recluse spider, black bear, yellow sac spider, elk,and

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What is the 10 most dangerous animals in Canada?

Dangerous Canadian animals? Personnally, I think that the most dangerous animal is Emma moorhouse!

What is the top 10 animals?

There are a great many animals on this earth, all superior in their own way, therefore to answer this question you must have an idea of top ten what? Most venomous? Most dangerous? Most colorful? Most favorited? etc.

What are the top 10 animals?

the top ten animals of Africa are zebra giraffe lions

What are the 10 fastest animals in water?

Whats the fastest animal? Is a bull in the top 10 of the fastest animals?

Top 10 most dangours animals in the world?

in my opinion the most dangerous animal in the world would be an orca.mainly because they are fast and really smart, and they will eat anything

What are the top ten most dangerous prisons in America?

top 10 most dangers prisons in America

What are the 10 most dangerous animals in Indiana?

i dont no but top 10 are 10 crocdile 9 shark 8 jellyfish 7 orca 6 bear 5 frog 4 emu 3 koalas 2 bee 1 hippo

What are the 10 most dangerous animals in Vietnam?

The ten most dangerous animals in Vietnam are Rhinos, hyenas, alligators, mosquitos, asian cobras, poison dart frog, polar bears swimming and others deadly animals.

Top ten most dangerous animals in India?

The top 10 most dangerous animals in India are snakes, tigers, bears, leopards, elephants, scorpions, mosquitos, crocodiles, monkeys, and wild dogs.

What are the top 10 dangerous cheerleading stunts?

69. wombat. spoom. hurkey jurkey......

How many cities are named Ontario?

Ontario, CA, Ontario OR

What are the top 10 most dangerous animals in the world?

10 bear 9 wild cat 8 crocdile 7 wild dog 6 shark 5 kangeroo 4 spider 3 hippo 2 elephant 1 mosquito

Top 10 wildest animals?

lion human horse bird fish

What are the 10 cleanest animals in the world?

The top 10 cleanest animals are Dogs, Pigs, Cockroaches, Birds, Marine Animals, Reptiles, Butterflies, Bee's, Polar Bears, and Tigers.

What are the top ten most dangerous animals?

1. mosquitoes 2. snakes 3. crocodiles 4. big cats 5. sharks 6. bears 7. jellyfish 8. scorpions 9. hippos 10. elephants

Are dogs dangerous?

It depends really all dogs are dangerous some are just trained so they don't do anything but the top 10 most dangerous dogs are pit bull terrier, husky and other just go to google in images and type in top most dangerous dogs in the world and so many dangerous dogs will come up.HOPE i answered your question

Top 10 most dangerous province in Canada?

Well, since there are only ten provinces in Canada, I guess they'd all be on the top ten list.

How many US states have cities named Ontario?

Ontario, CaliforniaOntario, IllinoisOntario, IndianaOntario, IowaOntario, New YorkOntario, OhioOntario, OregonOntario, PennsylvaniaOntario, VirginiaOntario, WisconsinThere is also an Ontarioville in Illinois as well.

What is the top 10 dangerous animals?

the most dangerous animals are snakes frogs (not all frogs)puffer fish polor bear shark jelly fish spiders alligator lions scorpions piranhas whales may attack tiger sting ray ty for picking this answer its not the top 10 but these are dangerous animals there might be more

What are top 10 lightest animals?

Ant bat chick puppy kitten piglet calf

What are the top 10 dangerous sports?

Any sport can cause injuries, but some are decidedly more dangerous than others. Opinions and rankings vary somewhat on danger levels, as does what actually constitutes a sport. For one ranking from least dangerous (among the top 10 most dangerous to the most dangerous, there is heli skiing, horseback riding, street luging, bull running, big wave surfing, bull riding, motorcycle biking, base jumping, cheerleading, and cave diving.

What are the top 10 deadliest animals in North America?

North America ranks about average when it comes to deadly animals. The top 10 include spiders, scorpions, American bison, wolves and coyotes, mountain lions, alligators and crocodiles, sharks, snakes, bears, and deer.

10 most dangerous animals in the world?

to me the 10 most dangerous, and i mean by dangerous, the ones that cause the most deaths....in no order are 1.) hippo 2.)elephants 3.)tiger sharks 4.)bull sharks 5.) puff adder 6.) black mamba 7.) alligators 8.) tigers 9.) killer whales 10.) mosquitos (malaria)

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