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What are the Turkish games?

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First 3D Turkish game is PUSU. Most famous Turkish game is well known Crysis.

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What are some traditional games from Turkey?

tradititional turkish games

What languages are spoken in Ankara Turkey?

The main language in Ankara, Turkey is Turkish.

Where is the trickster in monster hunt?

blue peter/games/turkish bizarrehe will be on the left hand side

Where is the Trickster on the Sarah Jane adventures monster hunt?

Blue peter, games, Turkish bizarre

What is cat in Turkish?

eithet Turkish van or Turkish angora

How do you say no in Turkish?

No in Turkish is hayir.

What is the Turkish currency?

Turkish Lira

How do you say Turkish in Turkish?


What is a Turkish dessert?

Turkish delight.

Where do you find the trickster on the Sarah Jane adventures?

blue peater/games/turkish bizzare or go to

What languages are spoken in Istanbul Turkey?

Turkish. There is also a Kurdish speaking minority.Turkishthe language is Turkish and Arabic.the language is Turkish and Arabic.

What is please in Turkish?

please in Turkish is LÜTFEN

What Language do the Turkish speak?

They speak Turkish.

What does Asmir mean in Turkish?

There is no such word in Turkish.

What is next in Turkish?

Next = İleri In Turkish

What is a person of Turkish origin called?

Turkish :)

How do you say answer in Turkish?

Answer is "Cevap" or "Yanıt" in Turkish.

What is water in turkish?

"SU" is water in Turkish.

What is turkish for princess?

Princess is "Prenses" in Turkish.

What is Turkish for mom?

Mom is "Anne" in Turkish.

What are Turkish people eat?

turkish delights

Why is the UK so pro-Turkish?

UK seems to be pro-Turkish for those that are Turcophobic.

What does tarek mean in Turkish?

tarek in Turkish means the "morning star" , in Turkish you say " sabah yildizi " for morning star. and how you say tarek in Turkish is: Tarik

What is a turkish flower?

I think so Turkish flower can be tulip. Turkish tulips are very famous in Istanbul.

How do you spell john in Turkish?

jon is how you say jhon in turkish im turkish i would know