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India i.e Bharat has innumerable accomplishments from which all the countries have learnt something or the other.India gave a language in in the form of Sanskrit the mother of languages and grammar, through which all the languages have developed.

India taught through its scriptures Vedas and Upnishads the meaning of life and the way to live.

India dispersed all knowledge to the Universe whether of Arithmatics, Astronomy, Astrology, agriculture, metaphysics, Metallurgy etc. etc. etc. etc. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Q: What are the accomplishments in India?
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What were more accomplishments of India and its use today?

The current number system that we use is originally from India.

What are some of Vasco da Gama's accomplishments?

He sailed four ships to India Vasco da Gama had several accomplishments to his name. The main achievement that he is remembered for is establishing a trade route from Portugal to India. He sailed around the tip of Africa all the way to India.

What were major accomplishments of Vasco Da Gama?

he sailed 4 ships to India

How did the accomplishments of gupta affect ancient India?

because it helps use to day

What was vasco da gama's accomplishments of his voyage?

to find a water route to india.

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In South Africa, he made a newspaper for India called the "Indian's Opinion".

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For math, algebra, for religion, hinduism originates from there.

What are some accomplishments for Vasco De Gama?

He sailed to India and opened up its trade route.

What are some accomplishmints of ancient India?

some of the accomplishments in India are that they created our number system that we use today, they created medicine and they created both copper and metal

What were the accomplishments of the Dutch West India Company?

The Dutch West India Company had many accomplishments including the Dutch colonization of the Americas. They were also instrumental in building a fortress along the Gold Coast in present-day Ghana. The Dutch West India Company established colonies in the West Indies, including Aruba, Curacao, and Saint Martin.

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Some of Queen Victoria's accomplishments include the Boyer war, and the complete colonizing of India and Pakistan. She also built beautiful monuments that are part of art history today.

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some of the major accomplishment were the 4 nobl truths it was a big part of india.

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Vasco Da Gama Found a route from Portugal east to India by going around the Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Africa. He set up trade in India and eventually became the Portuguese Viceroy in India.

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His son built the greatest empire in India.He converted himself into Buddhism.Spread Buddhism around his empire.Built extensive roads.

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Pretty much created paper money and started trade routes with Europe and India Foos: founder of the yuan dynasty

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gandhi changed british laws gandhi changed british lawsHe gave Indians freedom from the british.He also restored peace in India.

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