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Q: What are the actions and rituals used in confirmation?
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What are some of the rituals used in confirmation in the Catholic Church?

Currently the rituals involved the Bishop imposing his hands on the confirmand and anointing their head with Sacred Chrism.

What are the rituals of Catholic Church?

Lighting candles is one of the rituals of the Catholic Church. Other rituals include baptism, first holy communion, confirmation, and confession.

What are the symbols and rituals in confirmation?

Fire, a Dove(which symbolizes the Holy Spirit).

What are the essential symbolic actions and word of the sacrament of confirmation?

what are essential symbolic words of the sacrament of confirmation

What are the symbolic actions of confirmation?

Laying of the hands

What are the rituals of the 7 sacraments?

these are the baptism,confirmation penance,anointing of the sick,matrimony,holy eucharist and holy orders..

What actions is an example of a core belief of the Vedic religion?

Performing rituals to please many gods

When is the Holy Oil used in the Sacrament of Confirmation?

For the Sacrament of Confirmation, Sacred Chrism is used.

What are the actions and words said in the Catholic Confirmation ceremony?

"Receive the Seal of the Holy Spirit."

What are the three main parts of the confirmation Mass?

Liturgy of the Word Rite of Confirmation (conferral of Sacrament by Bishop) Liturgy of the Eucharist If you wanted to divide it into more parts, you would either have to name the specific actions in the confirmation part, or break out individual parts of the Liturgy of the Word, or the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

What is the name of the oil used in the Sacrament of Confirmation?

The name of the oil used in Baptism and Confirmation is called CHRISM.

What is a Confirmation candle?

A confirmation candle is a candle mostly used in a protestant confirmation ceremony, it has symbols of the Holy Spirit on it.

What is a system of symbols and rituals?

A system of symbols and rituals can be defined as a religion. Different symbols and rituals are used in the various religions that are found in the world.

What are the rituals when receiving the sacrament of confirmation?

Renewal of one's Baptismal vows. The Bishop laying his hands on the candidate to give the Seal Of the Holy Spirit.

What are Catholic sacred rituals?

The Seven Sacraments ie Mass, Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, Matrimony, Unction and Ordination. Excorcism is also a sacred ritual but is not a sacrament.

How was the biombo mask used?

It was used in rituals and ceremonies.

How music is used in rituals?

By celebrating

Why is Sacred Oil used in the Sacrament of Confirmation?

The sacred oil that is used in the sacrament of Confirmation is called Holy Chrism. It is made of balsam and olive oil. This sacred oil is used in the sacrament of Confirmation in order to make the young adults holy and to bless them.

What is used for confirmation?



be sealed or be anointed

What were mesopotamian temples used for?

they were used for mesopotamian religion rituals.

Lighted candle is a sacrament for Baptism Eucharist or Confirmation?

is the lighted candle used for confirmation and baptism

The fragrant oil used in baptism and confirmation?

The fragrant oil used in baptism and confirmation is called the chrism, which consists of fragrant balsam and oil.

How do rituals generate trust?

The systematic pattern of actions pertaining to a particular belief generate predictability of future and trust!yes ofcourse!

In what sacraments is chrism used?