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to overcome the problem you would have to own the primary supply or have a significant amount of ownership of it as to influence its basic price. If all else fails find a scam to get around it!

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How do you overcome the disadvantages of water?

look at the advantages

What are thetwo disadvantages of this concept in determining consumer behaviorand how are these disadvantages overcome?

What are some disadvantages or advantages in chemical energy?

What is advantages that a sexual organisms have that helps them to overcome these disadvantages?

They have higher reproductive rates.

Evaluate email as a channel of internal communication explaining its advantages and disadvantages list out five ways in which email messages could be made more effective?

. Evaluate email as a channel of internal communication, explaining its advantages and disadvantages. Suggest five ways in which to overcome some of the problems associated with email messages.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of implementing change?

One disadvantage of implementing change is the fact that employees may resist change. An advantage is the fact that change helps organizations overcome their competition.

What are thetwo disadvantages of the concept of diminishing marginal utility in determining consumer behaviorand how are these disadvantages overcome?

The answer is, Penis.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a child psychologist?

The advantages of being a child psychologist is the reward one can get with helping children overcome their disabilities and deficiencies. A child psychologist also has flexible work schedules and has a high earning potential. Some of the disadvantages include the stress in dealing with children who need more attention and the continuous search for new prospects.

Who owns copyright for We Shall Overcome?

It is administered by The Richmond Organization; see the Wikipedia article linked below for detailed information.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having friction in sport?

These are a few of the great many advantages and disadvantages of having friction in sport: Friction allows a running person to stop, change direction, jump, catch a ball, and throw a ball. Friction between a ball and the air limits how far it can be thrown (although gravity has an even greater effect). Runners require energy to overcome the friction between their feet and the ground.

Advantages of microprocessor 8086 over 8085?

the advantages of 8086 microprocessor over 8085A microprocessor is that 1)it is a 16 bit microprocessor 2)the disadvantages in 8085A microprocessor like low speed,limited number of registers,low memory addressing capability,less powerful instruction set have been overcome in 8086 registers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of MS-DOS?

Advantages:DOS is very lightweight and it allows direct access to most hardware.It does not have the overhead of a multitasking operating system.Disadvantages:It is 16-bit and limited to 640k of RAM (this can be overcome with a DOS extender)It runs in real mode, so a buggy or malicious program can cause corruption.DisadvantagesIts a Single User OS (One User can Work at a time)Its a Single Tasking OS (One application can run at a time)It does not supports GraphicsIt does not supports NetworkingWe can only make 2GB of Maximum partition as it supports only FAT 16AdvantagesLighteasily available

What are the advantages and disadvantages of computer bureau?

advantages of computer bureau include;1. private individuals and organisations overcome computer deficiency. 2. cost saving to the organisation that use computer bureaus as they will not need the computing equipment to do the work they take to thee bureau. disadvantages include;1. time consuming if a bureau is faced with many clients whose work waas delivered a company's. 2. security problems in terms of information/data.

How can you overcome the disadvantages of coal?

You can't overcome them! The main disadvantage of coal is that it is a non-renewable fossil fuel. Therefore it will run out in the future. We need to find viable alternative energy sources.

What are the advantages of bullying?

the advantages of bullying are: 1 you can gain more strength . 2 you'll no longer be scared of the person if you overcome them. 3 you get a lot of attention if you get hurt.

Friction is inveitable but it has disadvantages why?

Friction is a force that must be overcome for no useful purpose. It takes energy to do this, and thus is wasteful.

What are the disadvantages of CNG?

HI The main disadvantage of cng is loss of power but now it can be overcome by timing advacer Micheal 9310584008

What are the advantages and disadvantages of axial compressor?

Axial-flow compressors have the following advantages: -High peak efficiency. -Small frontal area forgiven airflow. -Straight-through flow, allowing high ram efficiency. -Increased pressure rise due to increased number of stages with negligible losses. They have the following disadvantages: - Good efficiency over narrow rotational speed range. -Difficulty of manufacture and high cost. -Relatively high weight. -High starting power requirements (this has been partially overcome by split compressors).

What are two significant disadvantages of team action How can these disadvantages be overcome?

Some of the disadvantages of team action include having joy-riders and people who also do not agree with the action but they participate anyway. A good remedy includes allowing people to participate only with their own consent.

What is the disadvantage in free trade?

Free trade is a double-edged sword. On the surface it appears as equal opportunity for everyone in the pact. While it has some advantages, it also carries some disadvantages. The extent of disadvantages for any country in the free trade zone is directly related to the attained level of technology for that country. This means that less industrialized members of a free trade region may be at a disadvantage until such countries overcome their technological obstacles.

The disadvantages of checks and balances?

Not always effective; Can be blocked if there is no political interest that has enough power to overcome others (federal judges). Not created for proficiency and speed.

Advantage of being determined?

There are many advantages to being determined. The chief of these is that, regardless of what you do, there will be obstacles that get in your way. Determination will help you overcome these obstacles and succeed.

Why drugs administered by i.v route?

I.V. route of drug administration means intravenous injection of the drug. Here, the drug is directly injected into the vein. The advantages are- 1. It can be employed in unconscious or uncooperative patients 2. It can be employed in cases of vomitting and diarrhoea.(in such cases,if drugs are administered via oral route, they will be excreted out in the vomitus or faeces) 3. Drugs which might irritate the stomach or are not absorbed by oral route can be administered 4. drugs which are destroyed by digestive juices (eg- insulin) or liver enzymes (eg-penicilin G) can be administered (first pass metabolism overcome) 5. Since drug is directly delivered into the circulation, bioavilability is 100%. therefore excellent accuracy of dose. 6.No time is wasted in absorption of drug, therefore rapid onset of action. therefore suitable for emergencies

Obstacles or difficulties that Rosa parks overcome?

she had to overcome her rights she had to overcome her rights she had to overcome her rights

What were two disadvantages US had to overcome after the Pearl Harbor war had been declared?

Loss of Men in the Army they lost hundreds if not thousandsThe lack of aircraft and ships which they had to rebuild

Advantages of cooperative societies?

One advantage cooperative societies have is the ability to share their resources. With more available as a community, they can overcome a lot of problems associated with scarcity.