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Well, there is many great advantages for using a TFT monitor instead of a CRT monitor, firstly because of its size, it is much smaller and thinner and can come in various screen sizes such as 17", 19" and 22". Also in a TFT monitor the resolution is much greater and can also work with a HDMI slot which gives a HD (High Definition) picture, and a much greater experience,
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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of an LCD TV compared to a CRT TV?
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What is advantages of interlaced monitor?

interlaced and non interlaced monitors advantages of each and disadvantages LCD AND CRT MONITORS ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGES

Advantages and disadvantages of a LCD monitor?

the advantages of the lcd is that its small and easy to move around. the disadvantages of the lcd is that if you poke and prod at it then it gunna go all fizzy where as to the crt its sturdey and doesnt go all fizzy on the screen.helllo ms dean ;

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a LCD monitor?

LCD monitors are more portable and display high quality images compared to other technologies like CRT. However, they use up more power than LED monitors and have a shorter lifetime.

What are the disadvantages of crt and flatcreen monitor?

CRT: Use more power, lower resolution LCD flat screen: price

What are the advantages of a crt desktop monitor?

At this point, I would say that a CRT had no advantages over a LCD monitor. The LCD is probably cheaper, it takes up less space, is easier on the eyes, and provides better revolutions.

Disadvantages of CRT monitors?

CRT stands for cathode ray tube. The disadvantages of CRT monitors include: eye strain, bulky size and generally use higher power consumption than LCD's.

Advantage of LCD monitor?

The principle advantages are that LCD monitors are much thinner and lighter than "conventional" CRT monitors.

Advantages of LED monitors over LCD monitors?

LED damages the eyes less than lcd or crt monitors

Why should I switch from using my normal CRT screen to an LCD screen?

LCD monitors are aesthetically very pleasing to the eye being slim and stylish. There is no comparison with the CRT here. LCD monitors are extremely economical when it comes to power consumption. Their consumption is in the region of 25 -50 watts compared to CRT which consume like 60-80 watts LCD Monitors win the image brightness battle hands down in this department. They offer almost twice the brightness compared to the CRT monitor.

What do CRT and LCD stand for?

CRT means, `cathode ray tube' and LCD means, `liquid crystal display'.

Types of monitor?

Lcd & crt

What does denote the abbreviations LCD or CRT?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and CRT stands for Cathod Ray Tube

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