What are the advantages and disadvantages of being bilingual?

The disadvantage of being bilingual is feeling that you are not fully belong to either culture.

In some cases it could be discriminating, by being labeled.

Communicate with a lot more people. Improve your chances to have a better job and life style.


My mother language is English which will serve me well when travelling the world. During my life, I have learned French, Japanese and Russian to varying degrees of competence, but could not be considered to be eloquent or highly articulate in any of them, however, I can travel the world with a reasonable expectation of making myself understood. I do not see any personal disadvantages in being bilingual other than the occasional confusion when hopping between alphabets and verb endings. I do not believe it is good for a country to be bilingual because, for example, all instructions issued from the government would need to be written identically in more than one language.