What are the advantages and disadvantages of costs of investing in ICT?

•Information is readily available, however confidential information may be accessed unless properly password controlled

•If the hardware fails - economies can be badly effected as sales may be halted, stock markets fail to receive information and systems relying on computers stop - eg air traffic control of aircraft at airports.

•Photographs can be edited using software resulting in distorted images and distorted reality - a common example is airbrushing of photographs of models to improve their figure or the removal of building works from photographs of hotels in holiday resorts or houses for sale.

•Work involving computers may remove employees from social contact with other employees, this change can cause stress

•Computers can be misused - employees who waste time playing games at work and the unwanted e-mails (SPAM) that fill up the mail box and cause disruption to normal work.

•Unless sites are filtered it is possible for young children to view unsuitable material on the Internet.

•The Internet is an easy means of sharing and swapping files often resulting in breaches of copyright.