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  • Even at the rapidly rising cost, it is still cheaper than any other fuel
  • petrol has higher energy density than almost any other form of energy -- so petrol lets vehicles travel further between refills than almost any other form of energy.
  • Cheaper to run
  • Many people have a car that only runs on petrol, so it's cheaper to keep buying more petrol than to buy a new vehicle that runs on some other form of energy.
  • gasoline is that is made from a type of petroleum not common in the US (light sweet crude) and does not burn clean enough even with current high tech and costly fuel systems. Unlike an engine that runs on gaseous fuels such as CNG (compressed natural gas) or LP (liquid propane) and others you can breathe the exhaust with exception of the oxygen depletion as determined by EPA air quality standards. NO gasoline engine regardless of any add on high tech systems can come near to making this claim (unless the gasoline is converted into a true gas prior to combustion).
  • we have a finite supply of petroleum
  • it is a pollutant
  • Some people have a car that runs on some other form of energy, so it's cheaper to keep buying that form of energy than to buy a new vehicle that runs on petrol.
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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of gasoline or petrol?
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What is the difference between petrol and gasoline?

There is none. Petrol is the Anglo word for gasoline, gasoline is the American word for petrol.

Is petrol the same as unleaded gasoline?

Petrol is the French word for gasoline. Petrol is usually unleaded gasoline. Canadian gas stations advertise gasoline as Petrol, as do many other countries.

What are the major advantages and disadvantages of using petrol in internal combustion engines?

Some of the major advantages of using petrol in an internal combustion engine include: ease of availability of petrol, non-corrosive nature of regular petrol, relative safety of liquefied petrol. Some of the disadvantages of petrol include: enviromental damage of unburned petrol and unrestrained Hydrocarbon emissions, steadily increasing price, petrol is relatively inefficient and production of CO2 even with perfect combustion.

What is a petrol car?

petrol is synonymous to gasoline. so a petrol car is a car that uses gasoline as its source of fuel.

How did the gasoline powered tractor work?

It is powered by petrol. As the word gasoline is another word for petrol. Therefroe it runs on petrol!!!

Which fraction of petroleum is in very high demand?


Does petrol cars with fuel injectors use spark plugs?

Petrol/gasoline cars do use spark plugs.Petrol/gasoline cars do use spark plugs.

Is petrol a gas or liquid?

petrol is the liquid gasoline

What is mean by petrol combustion?

The burning of petrol/gasoline.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of converting a passenger car with a petrol engine to run on LNG?

More fuel economy

How is petroleum made into petrol?

In USA petrol is the term for gasoline; gasoline is obtained from petrleum by fractional distillation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using unleaded gasoline?

Advantages: * pollution is not so dangerous * children are not affected by breathing in lead fumes Disadvantages: * old cars need an additive to make them run smoothly

What is American name for petrol?

a American name for petrol is gasoline

Is petrol renewable?

No. Gasoline or petrol is not a renewable source of energy.

advantages and disadvantages of equity?

Advantages and Disadvantages of equity

What is the difference between gasoline and petrol?

There is none, in American English it is called gasoline, in British English it is called petrol.

Is gas powered the same thing as petrol powered?

Gas is short for 'gasoline'. 'Gasoline' means the same as 'Petrol'. The word 'petrol' is commonly used in the UK while 'gasoline' is used in North America.

Which fuel do American cars use in USA is it petrol or diesel?

The majority of cars in the USA use petrol (we call it gasoline).The majority of cars in the USA use petrol (we call it gasoline).

What is a four cylinder petrol engine?

it is English for a 4 cylinder gasoline engine. Gasoline in American is Petrol in English, simple as that.

What are the difference between petrol engine and mpfi engine?

There is no difference. Petrol is just another name for gasoline. MPFI just means Multi-Point Fuel Injection. A petrol (gasoline) engine can be MPFI or it can have a carburetor. It can have many different ways to get gasoline (petrol) to the cylinders.

What are the disadvantages of petrol engines?

petrol does not last forever

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leaded gasoline?

advantages:it is cheaper than unleaded fueldisadvantages:it damages the mental health of childrenit is harmful for catalytic converter in the car which is very expensive and important for keeping the environment clean.

What is gasoline called in England?


What do the British call gasoline?


What do Americans call petrol?