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"LIVE VIEW" means you can see the scene as it happens through the liquid crystal screen of the digital camera. In some point and shoot cameras there is no optical viewfinder to see through, so your only view is the lcd screen. In this case live view is necessary.

In cameras with an optical viewfinder, such as a DSLR - digital single lens reflex camera, live view is not absolutely necessary. As for the Advantages: ~ For macro shots - close up actual or larger size photos- live view shows exactly what will be in the photo.

~ When the camera is mounted on a tripod, you can watch the lcd screen without puting an eye up to the camera and more easily use a remote shutter release.

~ By watching the lcd screen, it is not necessary to put the camera up to your eye, and children usually do not know you are taking their picture. This can give more spontaneous results.

~ When focusing without actually shooting, you can be sure of the focus by watching live view. If there is a failure to focus, it will show up.

~ With live view you can see the scene the way the camera sensor sees it. As for the Disadvantages;

If live view shows on the lcd screen, battery life will be shorter as the lcd screen will draw more power when lit. If you are presbyopic or have a full correction for myopia with glasses or contact lenses, you may not be able to see the lcd screen close up. The lcd screen may not be visible in full sunlight. Some but not all cameras have problems with the picture sensor overheating while using live view. Finally, many aspiring photographers consider using live view less skillful or "less professional" than using the optical viewfinder. This could be considered a matter of preference.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of live view with a digital camera?
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