What are the advantages and disadvantages of seed banks?

advantages of seed banks are:
1. used to compensate for the loss of endangered species of plants,as these plants may produce seeds which are very long lived and could be stored in relatively small place called a seed bank. If seeds of endangered species are stored in such a away,such seed may be germinated any time and could be grown in botanic gardens.
2. Gene pool of the species could be maintained
3.A seed bank is perhaps the most useful technique for off-site or ex situ conservation of wild plants. Seeds are compact, dormant germ plasm packages that lend themselves to storage.

disadvantages of seed banks include:
1.They need to be kept in carefully controlled conditions especially in atmosphere of low oxygen levels, moisture and temperature
3.Storing seed can create a false sense of security, leading some people to conclude that they have "saved" a species. Finally, the stored seed sample may turn out to be woefully inadequate for the intended