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Advantage ; Closer to the observer to take temperature reading.

Disadvantage ; May give a false reading because of heat from the building.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of siting a stevenson screen near buildings?
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Where should a stevenson screen be placed?

Far away from buildings, but the the door of the stevenson screen should face south so that the sun rays should not fall on the instruments

What is a stevenson screen used for?

Instruments which are used to measure temperature and Humidity should be kept inside "stevenson screen". Its a wooden box to shade from direct sunlight, Its painted white to reflect sunlight, It has vents to allow free flow of air. The stevenson screen should be located away from trees and buildings which could affect the temperature!

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In the 1860s. I think. By Thomas Stevenson.

When was stevenson screen invented?

In the 1860s. I think. By Thomas Stevenson.

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