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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wien bridge oscillator?

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RC phase shift oscillator is used to generate frequency in audio range and it is a fixed audio frequency oscillator where as wien bridge oscillator is a variable audio frequency oscillator for high frequency oscillations it is better to design wide band amplifier with LC network

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A Wein Bridge Oscillator is a oscillator which is used for the measurement of Audio Frequency.

f=0.159/RC . where R and C are the feedback network of wien bridge

frequency of oscillation can be easily varied high gain due to two stage amplifier high stability


It generates an oscillatory output signal without having any input source

A Wien bridge oscillator is a type of electronic oscillator that generates sine waves without having any input source. It can output a large range of frequencies. The bridge comprises four resistors and two capacitors. The circuit is based on a network originally developed by Max Wien in 1891. At that time, Wien did not have a means of developing electronic gain so a workable oscillator could not be realized. The modern circuit is derived from William Hewlett's 1939 Stanford University master's degree thesis. Hewlett, along with David Packard co-founded Hewlett-Packard. Their first product was the HP 200A, a precision sine wave oscillator based on the Wien bridge. The 200A is a classic instrument known for its low distortion. The frequency of oscillation is given by:

Rc phase shift uses negative feedback.. Weinbridge uses both +ve and -ve feedback

how wein brigde operate

A Wien bridge oscillator produces sine waves. In order for the sine waves to maintain a steady amplitude, a positive feedback system is used with some sort of control to limit gain. In order for the positive feedback system to work, the waves being "fed back" to the amplifier have to be in phase with the waves being generated. Thus, you need a phase shift network to ensure that the phases of the waves match, which in the case of a positive feedback system means that the generated waves need to go through a 360o phase shift during the feedback process.

Change one or more of the values of the inductance or capacitance of one or more of its legs.

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