What are the advantages and disadvantages to a series and parallel circuit?

Series-- Advantages are that you can add more power sources, like batteries, and increase the force of the output which grants you more power. In Parallel, however, the power stays at the same voltage of the original power source.Disadvantage of a series circuit is that if a bulb were broken or the pathway broken in any way, the other bulbs would go out too. Parallel Circuit--Advantages would be that, if it were light bulbs that were the output devices linked in parallel, if one bulb broke the others would continue going. Also, the brightness of the bulbs would be greater than the brightness of bulbs in series. Disadvantages are that there could be a risk of fire in some cases. Another would be that, if you have multiple power sources, the power stays at the same voltage as that of the single power source. In parallel, increasing the number of output devices does not increase the resistance like it does in series.