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According to Richard Thomason's March 2009 article “DSL internet vs Cable Internet”, while Cable internet is faster, and doesn't suffer from as many distance/performance issues (distance from the DSL hub), DSL has a lower monthly cost, and is slightly more secure than cable.

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Q: What are the advantages of DSL Internet service over cable?
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What advantages does satellite internet offer over cable internet?

The reviewers at Velocity Guide give the edge to cable internet in terms of cost, speed and reliability of service. The only advantage they ascribe to satellite is its nearly universal access. So, get cable if you can.

What are the names of dsl internet providers?

Most leading cable companies like Comcast, Cox, Charter, RCN, Insight, and Time Warner Cable will over cable Internet service. Cable Internet service is directed to your home via the same cable used to supply your home with cable TV service. This is an always on Internet connection with speeds that make surfing the Web quick and easy.

What are the advantages of DSL Service Providers over Cable Internet Providers?

Both DSL and Cable internet have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want the fastest speeds then cable is your best bet as it is a faster internet connection. The biggest and most likely the only advantage DSL has over cable is it covers more areas. You can find DSL in places where cable hasn't even been thought of yet...( example being in the Deserts of West Texas. In West Texas out in the middle of the desert DSL internet is available and cable is not and most likely never will be). How much has dial up improved in the last 10 years?

How does the cost of cable internet phone service compare to conventional home service?

It will cost more. You are paying for the internet plus the internet based phone service. So the over all cost is more.

What are the advantages of choosing Wireless Internet Service Providers over dial up Internet providers?

There are many advantages. One, wireless internet service is usually faster and most importantly, it does not occupy your phone line when you go online.

What's the advantages of having satellite internet service over that offered by a local ISP?

Satellite internet service should only be considered by those living outside the coverage area of any DSL or cable company. The speed of service by satellite is comparable to DSL however the monthly service charges are much higher.

Where can I get cheap internet service?

The cheapest way to get Internet service is to bundle the service with other plans. If you have your cable, cell, and Internet in one bundle you will usually save a substantial amount over the cost of individual plans.

What are the advantages of Satellite Internet over DSL Internet?

the information travels faster , dsl travels in a line and depending on where your transfer station is for dsl so yes satellite is faster goes direct into your cable. The main advantage that satellite Internet service has over DSL is that satellite Internet is available virtually anywhere in the US even in rural areas where DSL and Cable don't reach. Generally, satellite Internet service beats cable or DSL Internet when DSL or cable Internet is NOT AN OPTION. Cable or DSL access is almost always cheaper (less expensive) than satellite Internet, but not always faster.

What are the advantages of satellite television compared to regular cable?

The only advantage that satellite internet has over cable, is that in certain locations where cable is unavailable, usually satellite will provide television services.

Advantages of Internet Phone Service?

Offering an inexpensive option in home phone lines, internet phone service is often a smart choice. Also known as VOIP, the signal is transmitted digitally over the internet. Still functioning as a traditional land line, internet phone service does not require specialized phones. A fairly simple service to install, many providers offer introductory packages to familiarize customers with this new technology. Often included in discounted service packages with cable and internet service, internet phone service can be a great option to consider in land line phones.

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