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What are some advantage of incinerators?

some advantages of incinerators are they get rid of the smell and stuff like that

What were 'Hitler's incinerators'?

They were the incinerators that he used to burn the bodies of 6000000 dead and living jews.

How are incinerators good?

because it is

What are the disadvantages of incinerators?

Incinerators can cause serious air pollution if not operated properly. They are also expensive. Harrisburg, PA went bankrupt because of an incinerator.

When were the first incinerators for waste disposal built?

The first incinerators which were used for waste removal were built in 1874. Originally they were called destructors, and were invented in Nottingham.

What are Advantages and disadvantages of incinerators?

Advantage: It Burns Your Trash and Keeps it from Going to a Landfill (taking less space and making trash in the landfills decrease)Disadvantage: It Pollutes the Air and Destroys the Ozone Layer

Do incinerators create smoke?

They are virtually smoke free.

Is most household waste burned by incinerators?


What were Adolf Hitler's incinerators and which people in Poland had to try to escape them?

Vague questiona but incinerators were used to burn Jews after being gassed in many death camps in Poland.

What reduce the need for landfills by burning solid wastes?


Is municipal solid waste buried underground in incinerators?


What was the main cause of death in the concentration camps?

the incinerators (human ovens)

What are the methods of sewage disposal?

BUILDING of drain-ages burning in incinerators

What is the place called where rubbish is burnt?

In incinerators at waste disposal units.

Who makes industrial furnace's in Oregon ?

Therm Tec makes industrial incinerators (primarily for waste), crematories, and custom incinerators. They are located in Tualatin, Oregon. Also in Oregon is American Wood Dryers in Portland.

What are bad things about incinerators?

they change waste into hazordous gas and ash. then the spread it around.

What is Burner Management System?

ISA-99.02.01BMS is a system for the safe start-up, monitoring, and shutdown of burner systems associated with boilers, flares, incinerators, gas turbines, thermal oxidizers, incinerators and other similar equipment.B.T

I know that landfills and incinerators hurt the environment. Which one is more dangerous and will trees be able to offset the effects?

You KNOW that, do you? Just how do you know that? Seems to me that landfills and incinerators HELP the environment. If it weren't for landfills and incinerators, where would we put all our trash? Just pile it up in the back yard? Dump it in the forest? Dump it in the ocean? Aren't we, in fact, REMOVING trash from the "environment" by putting it in landfills or burning it?

How is waste used as a type of fuel?

It can be used in incinerators which produce heat as for burning fossil fuels.

What were Adolf Hitler's incinerators?

They were the crematoriums it the concentration camps. When the prisoners died the bodies were burned in a crematorium.

An example of environmental racism is when?

active incinerators are located in areas with a high proportion of minority residents.

What are the advantges of incinerating waste?

Inciner8 International has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of incinerators throughout the world

What has the author Danny R Jackson written?

Danny R Jackson has written: 'Evaluation of solidified residue from municipal solid waste combustors' -- subject(s): Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Incinerators, Environmental aspects of Refuse and refuse disposal, Incinerators, Refuse and refuse disposal

What are insinoraters?

I am going to guess you mean incinerators, which are high temperature ovens that reduce most anything that goes in them to ash.

How many landfills exist?

Landfill is just another name for rubbish dump, or garbage tip. Just about every town in the world has one, and many cities have several. A few places have incinerators to burn their garbage, but unless they are very modern and efficient, incinerators just pollute the atmosphere instead of the ground.

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