What are the advantages of Kali Yuga?

Kali Yuga, the worst Yuga has many advantages over Krita Yuga, the best Yuga.

1. In Krita Yuga people live under ideal conditions or under just one set of conditions only. Thus, there is no freedom.
In Kali Yuga freedom is more than one can dream of!

2. In Krita Yuga the status of an individual is determined by his average skill. Therefore, an outsider can't enter a society because it may not be enough even if he willfully transforms his entire life.
In Kali Yuga there is no status at all and thus any one can enter it

3. In Krita Yuga people live under ideal conditions. Thus, in presence of a change they become helpless.
In Kali Yuga people live under constantly changing conditions and therefore, a change of any kind or magnitude is not a problem at all.

4. In Krita Yuga the status of an individual is determined by his average skill, which is the same as that of his entire society. To increase his status it is not enough if he increases his average skill, which it self is an impossible task. He has to increase the average skill of the entire society he lives in, a task he can't even dream of.
In Kali Yuga the status of an individual is determined by his maximum skill in just one activity, a very simple task.

5. In Krita Yuga life is a single giant activity and therefore a part of it can't be changed without affecting the rest.
In Kali Yuga all parts of life are independent of each other and therefore any part of it can be changed without affecting any other.

6. In Krita Yuga knowledge is logic based thus it can be transferred to people of a particular class only
In Kali Yuga knowledge is reason and movement based and thus any one can learn anything.

7. In Krita Yuga progress is mainly internal and therefore there is not much visible progress.
In Kali Yuga progress is mainly external and thus amazing materialistic progress occurs in a short time.

Answer 2 Dt. 25.4.2013

The difference from spiritual POV is that reaching God is easier than it was in krita yuga, as the ideals required to qualify for being disciple were very high and strictly followed.

If you see Gita and Upanishads, in upanishads, a disciple asks a question to a Guru while in Gita, in some places, krishna answers or guides disciples before the question arises. Even the duration of meditation i.e. no of years to achieve moksha are said to be decreased as compared to years or some say 100s of years in Treta Yoga., the atmosphere was all sattvik and even asuras followed a code of conduct during war. Now-a-days, even sanyasins breaks the code of conduct.

Earlier disciple came to God and Guru. Now it is said that when disciple is ready, Guru appears. Sri Ramakrishna said that if you take one step towards God, God takes 9 steps towards you. Very few people devote 100 % towards spirituality. Many things or behaviour which are not tolerated by guru are now forgiven (code of conduct is a bit diluted)