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the information travels faster , dsl travels in a line and depending on where your transfer station is for dsl so yes satellite is faster goes direct into your cable. The main advantage that satellite internet service has over DSL is that satellite Internet is available virtually anywhere in the US even in rural areas where DSL and Cable don't reach. Generally, satellite Internet service beats cable or DSL Internet when DSL or cable Internet is NOT AN OPTION. Cable or DSL access is almost always cheaper (less expensive) than satellite Internet, but not always faster.

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More available in rural places over cable or DSL internet. But beware most satellite internet plans come with a data cap whereas DSL internet has unlimited data plans. Check out IVC internet for some broadband plans.

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Q: What are the advantages of Satellite Internet over DSL Internet?
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What's the advantages of having satellite internet service over that offered by a local ISP?

Satellite internet service should only be considered by those living outside the coverage area of any DSL or cable company. The speed of service by satellite is comparable to DSL however the monthly service charges are much higher.

Is satellite internet service faster than DSL?

Satellite internet service is faster than DSL. You can read more at Yes, satellite internet service is much faster than DSL. However, the downside is that satellite internet is much more expensive than traditional DSL service.

What are some advantages of sattelite internet?

The benefit of satellite internet is for those who do not have access to any other form of internet such as DSL or cable. Satellite internet is very slow, though. Another option may be cellular modems which offer better speeds.

How does satellite tv compare in quality of reception to DSL?

These are two entirely different things. Satellite providers do offer internet via satellite however. Generally the DSL internet service is more reliable and faster than satellite.

What are the benefits of using satellite broadband internet compared to DSL?

DSL is always the less expensive and usually more reliable than satellite broadband. The only reason to choose satellite broadband is if DSL and cable are not available in your area. There is no wiring necessary for satellite broadband internet and it is available with a permanent connectivity with constant bandwidth. You do not need a phone line and it may be available in rural areas where DSL is not available. Given a choice, I beleive most would choose DSL over satellite broadband. DSL will provide you with a faster and more stable connection when compared to satellite broadband.

Is satellite internet a good deal?

Satellite internet is nice for people who cannot get any other internet at their house because cable and DSL is not run there. However, it is VERY expensive and not any faster than cable internet or DSL internet. So if you can, go with something other than satellite internet.

Does satellite internet service have slow upload speeds?

Compared to cable and DSL, yes, satellite internet services do have slow upload speeds. Additionally, they are less reliable than cable and DSL.

Is high speed internet better than DSL for iMac Intel os?

DSL is high speed internet. High speed internet includes many different forms of internet access. DSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless, etc.

What are the service advantages offered by dsl internet providers?

Service advantages offered by dsl internet providers are mainly speed and bandwith,you can download unlimited amounts at fast speeds.

How effective an alternative is satellite internet when DSL is not available?

Satellite internet is a viable alternative to DSL as long as one's internet connection does not require very high speeds (such as the speeds that are needed in a lot of online gaming). Depending on one's location, there may also be usage caps placed on the satellite internet service.

What is faster than a dial up connection?

DSL, Cable modems, wireless internet and satellite internet.

Is satellite internet secure?

Satellite Internet is generally just as secure as cable or DSL Internet service. Having good virus protection is essential for any computer.

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