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What are the advantages of a decision tree?

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What are the advantages of decision tree analysis?

Advantages of decision tree analysis: Easy to interpret, Possible scenarios can be easily added, Value of different scenarios can be determined.

What advantages does decision table have over decision tree?

Decision Table can create more queries, it is more of multipath/ multiflow. Decision Tree follows single path.

List the advantages and disadvantages for both decision table and decision tree?

Decision Tree Advantages Easy to understand Map nicely to a set of business rules Applied to real problems Make no prior assumptions about the data Able to process both numerical and categorical data Decision Tree Disadvantages Output attribute must be categorical Limited to one output attribute Decision tree algorithms are unstable Trees created from numeric datasets can be complex

Decision table and decision tree?

decision treedecision table

Difference between decision table and decision tree?

we can not perform complex tax trough the decision tree but we can able to perform it by using decision table.

Where can you find a free program that makes it easy to make and use a decision tree?

what is a decision tree???

Advantages of a decision making unit?

importance of the decision making unit

What role does a decision tree play in business decision making?

Decision trees help managers visualize how their choices will play out within the organization. Using a decision tree, management can assess multiple options at once.

What are the advantages of decision tables?

could u send me the answers for the merits of the decision tables

Advantages of model model building in scientific decision making?

what are the advantages and sidadvantages of models

Why is tree pruning useful in decision tree induction?

Pruning reduces the space required to store the tree in memory.

What are the advantages of trees in data structure?

plz tell me what is the advantages of tree in datastructure with database

What advantages of using computers in decision support?

there are types of processor

What are the advantages and disadvantages of consensus as a decision making model for government?


A business can consider the possible advantages of an economic decision as well as its possible drawbacks by?

performing a cost-benefit analysis

Advantages and limitations of linear programming as a managerial decision making model?

It takes out the personal angle in decision making.

What are the advantages of choosing to use a real Christmas tree?

The advantages of using a real Christmas tree, as opposed to a fake one, is the authentic look of the tree. Secondly, real trees will smell of pine and can be recycled.

What are advantages and disadvantages of tree topology?

you can cut logs out of it

Advantages of AVL TREE?

not much memory wastage.

Application of binary tree in data structure?

A binary tree can be used as a simple decision tree with two options. In this case, each leaf will be a final decision arrived by traversing one branch of the tree. Another use of a binary tree is to sort numerical data in a very simple yet effective way.

How do you show a decision tree or create an organization chart?


How decision tree help the manager in decision-making?

A decision tree will help a manager decide which direction that he will moe the business in. e.g. if a business is looking to expand than they would be able to use a decision tree in order to come to a decision in terms of which direction they will expand in. It looks at the different expansion ideas and looks at the possible outcomes for these. It will however only show financial factors affecting the outcome as it analysis solely financial factors.

What are the advantages of the partnership form of business?

With a partnership you don't have to stress over every decision. You and your partner can share the decision making process.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Good Wife - 2009 The Decision Tree 5-10?

The Good Wife - 2009 The Decision Tree 5-10 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Difference between classification and prediction?

The decision tree is a classification model, applied to existing data. If you apply it to new data, for which the class is unknown, you also get a prediction of the class. The assumption is that the new data comes from the similar distribution as the data you used to build your decision tree. In many cases this is a correct assumption and that is why you can use the decision tree for building a predictive model.