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What are the advantages of an analog signal?

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April 14, 2008 7:38AM

Though we, as people, can interpret digital signals (if we train ourselves to do it - like Morse code), we do better with analog signals. Music and speech as well as most other sound is analog. We interpret analog audio signals almost instantly, and without even thinking about it. Without analog signals, most of our listening activities are for nothing. Let's take sound to the electronics forum. Electronically, a digital signal requires that we convert our analog signal to a digital one in an audio-to-digital converter (AtoD). And we have to convert it back at the other end. We can do all this, but it takes extra stages and effort to make it happen. Certainly it's the only way we can move all the signals we need to move, like with cell phone traffic. Without digital techniques, we'd be dead in the water trying to serve all the cellular customers we serve, but voice traffic starts and ends as analog signals 'cause we human critters can relate to them better.