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  • Easy to connect a computer or peripheral to a linear bus.
  • Requires less cable length than a star topology.
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What are advantages of a bus topology?

Advantages of Bus TopologyIt is easy to handle and implement.It is best suited for small networks.

Definition for bus topology what are the features of bus topology what are the advantages and disadvantages of bus topology.?

Four collision domains are present Two broadcast domains are present.

What is the logical topology for bus topology?

The logical topology for a bus topology is the same it is a bus topology

What are some advantages and disadvantages of bus topology?

advantage is easy to install

Advantages of topology?

Advantages include: Its easy to set up, handle, and implement, It is best-suited for small networks and its less costly. There 3 types of topology which are; ring, bus and star topology.

What are advantages of a bus network topology?

Ease of operation Reliability Low Cost

Usage of bus topology?

usage of bus topology

Bus topology is the most popular topology justify?

Bus topology is the most popular topology. Justify.

Difference between star topology bus topology and ring topology?

ifference between star . bus & ring topology

How can bus topology extend?

Bus topology is extended via the use of repeaters.

What is the fastest Network Topology?

bus topology

What are the 3 common Lan topologies?

1. mesh topology 2. star topology 3. bus topology 4. ring topology 5. hybrid topology (bus + star)

What are the types of hybrid network?

Ring Topology, Mesh Topology, Bus Topology, Star Topology

What are some topologies?

star topology,bus topology,ring topology,mesh topology etc...

What network topology uses a backbone?

Bus topology as many nodes are connected to single link

What network topology does Ethernet use?

bus topology

On which topology are Ethernet and AppleTalk based?

Bus topology

Which topology requires a multipoint connection?

Bus topology

What is the largest type of network topology?

bus topology.

10 base T is based on what topology?

bus topology

What network topology connects to a trunk cable?

Bus Topology.

What are the common logical topologies?

bus topology, ring topology

What is The most common type of multipoint topology?

Bus Topology

What are two types of network topology?

bus topology and man

What is bus topology?