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the advantages of concentric castles are they have round shape tower's. it is made of stone so it is not flammable and doesn't rot like wood.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of concentric castles?

The concentric castles have round towers and the stone keep castles have square towers that is the difference

Why are concentric castles called concentric castles?

Because they were concentric in design

What were concentric castles used for?

concentric castles were used for defence

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Concentric castle?

The strengths and advantages of concentric castles were numerous!What were the Weaknesses and Disadvantages of Concentric Castles?The weaknesses and disadvantages of concentric castles were as follows:Concentric Castles were extremely expensive to buildThe loss of a Concentric castle would have been disastrous for the ownerThey required vast man power and labour resourcesA huge variety of skills were required to build Concentric castlesA Concentric Castle could take several years to completeSiege Warfare was applied when trying to take a concentric castle - Castle walls could fall due to bombardment from Siege Engines such as the ballista, the mangonel, and the trebuchetThe Welsh Castles of Edward I were built with direct access to the sea fresh supplies could be delivered to the castle and the defenders could not be starved into submissionConcentric Castles built inland ran the risk of being starved into submission

Names of concentric castles?

concentric castles i have heard of it caerphilli and beaumaris

What material were concentric castles made of?

concentric castles were made of stone.

What are facts about concentric castles?

Concentric castles were made in the 12th century

Why were Concentric castles changed?

Concentric castles wern't changed. They were changed fromthe motte and bailey castles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a concentric castle?

it was more safer and secure than the other castles.

How did concentric castles change?

They changed from stone keep and improved to concentric castles

What are concentric castles made from?

A Concentric Castles is made out of stone and pig poo

Why did they change from motte and bailey to concentric castles?

Because motte and bailey castles were only a tempory castles until the square keep castles and concentric castles were built

What came after stone castles?

ConCentric castles

Is a concentric castle a type of stonekeep castle?

No, concentric castles were built after stone keep castles.

What were concentric castles made of?

concentric castles were made out of stone

What are facts about the concentric castles?

What is concentric castle like

Where are concentric castles?

concentric castles can be found in Wales and England.but there isn't that many because there was not much need to replace the stone castles.

What castles were built after concentric castles?

mannor house

What did square keep castles change into?

concentric castles

What kind of castles were built?

Stone castles, Concentric castles, Motte and Bailey Castles

Do concentric castles have a keep?


Were Concentric Castles an improvement on Motte and Bailey Catles?

if concentric castles were stone castles which i think they were then yes because they were stronger ( Aaron age 11)

What type of castles are there?

motte and bailey, stone keep castles and concentric castles

What castles were siege machines used on?

Motte and Bailey castles and Concentric castles

Why did square keep castles change to concentric castles?

Square keep castles changed to concentric castles because castles got upgraded as we evolved, so did ideas for castles with more defence, space and attack power.

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