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What would be the best title for a topic abusing women and children?

"Is it just the children who suffering from domestic violence"? "Who will advocate for the children of the survivor of domestic violence"? "The children who give strenght to their mothers durign the healing process of domestic violence"

What is the advantages and disadvantages of divorce?

The advantages of divorce are when two parties are incompatible with no hope of reconciliation or domestic violence is involved. The disadvantage of divorce is upon children that are products of the union.

How many children suffer from domestic violence?


How is domestic violence seen by society?

Domestic violence is seen by the society as harmful. Violence can to lead to divorce and separation most time leads children into crime.

What is the estimated amount of people witnessing domestic violence?

It is estimated that 3.2 million American children witness incidents of domestic violence annually. Children who witness violence in the home and children who are abused may display many similar psychologic effects

How many children die each year from domestic violence in nz?

The number of children dying each year of domestic violence is very few , as they have a small population and laws are strict.

What impact does domestic violence have on children who observe it?

domestic violence will stay in children's mind forever then perhaps when they get older they will think that they will do it because they think that it is okay to do - Dr. Mealier children behavior supervision

What constitutes domestic violence?

Domestic violence is generally violence between related people, or between people living in a family-type ralationship. Generally, if the two people involved in the violence are related by: marriage, living together, have children in common, parent-child relationship, etc, the the violence is classified as domestic violence.

Domestic violence causes?

the cause of the domestic violence is something that abusing the people and to the children. and it can cost to the family problem such as abusing to each other or killing each other.

What can domestic violence cause?

If you have children it can lead to them being VERY violent when they are older

What is the sociological aspects of domestic violence?

Domestic violence can lead to broken homes, children are also affected emotionally. Victims of such turn to drugs which in turn affect the rate of criminality.

What type of charge is domestic violence?

Domestic violence harassment3rd

How serious is domestic violence?

There are classes of domestic violence. Physical harm could be classified as a serious case of domestic violence.

How long does a domestic violence stay on your record?

Assuming you are talking about a criminal conviction for domestic violence (such as domestic violence battery), it is forever.

Is conviction of making indecent images of children considered domestic violence?

In and of itself, legally, no.

Is domestic violence a moral turpitude?

in domestic violence what is section 415

How can you stop domestic violence?

How Can The World Today Stop Domestic Violence?

What is the problem with domestic violence?

Domestic Violence although private is still violence nonetheless. A person is being victimized and deserves justice. It is the same with non-domestic violence.

Who is more likely to committ domestic violence common ethnicities for domestic violence?

Psychological and emotional violence Physical violence Sexual violence

What is Indiana's statute of limitation on domestic violence?

Domestic Violence and Domestic Battery have no SOL's in ANY state.

What is domestic violence bill?

domestic violence bill prescribs legal sanctions against domestic crimes.

What causes abusers to commit domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a over used term, someone talking loudly at you could be considered Domestic violence!

Do I have rights to my children if I have left the home due to domestic violence?

Yes. See an attorney asap

What is the advantages of domestic airlines?

what's the advantages of domestic airlines? what's the advantages of domestic airlines?

Defention about domestic violence?

you can do violence, but you also can go to jail. Domestic Violence: Violence that is experienced by two people who are in a close personal relationship.