What are the advantages of getting an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree?

In general, neither one has an advantage over the other. Every degree program of study (Major) at the Associates level will fall into one of three areas, an Associates of Arts, an Associates of Science, or an Associates in Applied Science. The Science degree will have less general education courses then the Arts degree, and the Applied Science will have less general education courses than the other two. The less general education courses really indicates the degree becomes more career oriented. The Arts degrees are really meant to complete the first two years of a four year program, which includes the general education cluster with appropriate prerequisites for the higher level major requirements and major elective areas. The Science degrees are usually a bit more career oriented in that it is more of a hands on approach to a field of study. The Applied Science is very particular to a field of study and is designed to give the student all the expertise he/she will need in order to enter the work force after completion of the degree. You have to be careful with the Applied Science area. If you intend to transfer to a four year college or university, make sure the community college has special articulations with the four year institutions so that you are assure of a full faith in credit transfer.