What are the advantages of human genetic variation?

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It can provide resistance to diseases or other beneficial characteristics.
-variation in more competitive species than our own can result in natural selection that is better focused to the specific environment:
there is a bigger range of characteristics, so the best traits allow those members to survive longer and therefore mate more.
This allows the species overall to constantly reproduce the beneficial traits and flourish.
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What is genetic variation?

My answer off the top of my head is that the male sperm cellcarries half the chromosomes (they contain all your geneticinformation) and the female egg carries the other half. When theyjoin to create a zygote, you will inherit those chromosomes. . There are different types of alleles (this is a diff ( Full Answer )

What is variation in terms of genetics?

Variation in the terms of genetics is the variation in alleles.Genetic variation comes about by mutation and is important fornatural selection.

How does meiosis contribute to genetic variation?

Each gamete (sex cell) is unique due to a process during meiosis called cross-over which (simplified) swaps around some genes to create unique chromosome combinations.

What increases genetic variations?

The crossing of chromosomes in prophase one increases geneticvariation. Or, to say it more simply, mutations increase geneticvariation.

Why is genetic variation important to evolution?

its important because if we were all the same, we would have the same immune system and everything else. so where as some people can fight off colds and diseases such as breast cancer , if we were all the same then we all may or may not fight off diseases. so in short, if a deadly disease struck an ( Full Answer )

How is genetic variation accomplished?

Mutation, independent orientation of chromosomes in meiotic prophase, crossing over of genetic material in prophase of meiosis and random fertilization of and female gametes.

How does meiosis create genetic variation?

Meiosis creates genetic variation through the production of 4haploid daughter cells, each with random genetic combinations.Meiosis also creates genetic variation through the process calledcrossing over, where chromosome segments are exchanged.

How does meiosis produce genetic variation?

Meiosis produces gametes which then go on to participate in sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction combines the genetic material of the two parents - therefore creating variation.

How does genetic variation arise?

They have extremely short generation times and large populations.. They can exchange DNA with many types of prokaryotes by way of horizontal gene transfer.

How do mutations lead to genetic variation?

Mutations lead to genetic variation by producing random changes in an organism's genetic code. This causes a different protein to be produced, or none at all. Usually has a negative effect, due to an important protein, e.g. an enzyme, not being produced, so the organism cannot do a certain thing ( Full Answer )

Is genetic variation always good?

No, since it can be bad. No. Lets say that there were white sand dunes with white mice living in them. If a variation turned some mice black, it would be harmful.

What are the results of genetic variation?

Healthier offspring with more variation of their genes, which means that there are a wider variety of the differing alleles. Another result is that the offspring may have favourable characteristics (in the case of evolution) and also they could be more adaptable to the environment if it were changin ( Full Answer )

How does recombination cause genetic variation?

In recombination, cross-overs exchange alleles between homologous chromosomes during meiosis in both parents. This is what allows for much of the genetic variation in the offspring of a population in each generation. Sexual recombination works in three different ways. First, chromosomes of the male ( Full Answer )

When does genetic variation occur?

genetic variation occurs when independent assortment occur, when crossing-over occur, and when random fertilization happen.

What factors lead to genetic variations?

Gametes are made by meiosis, in which chromosomes make an exact copy of themselves. Remember, there are 2 chromosomes (1 from mum, 1 from dad) in each pair and these chromosomes swap genes randomly, which causes variation in gametes so offspring are different to each other and their parents. Fertili ( Full Answer )

How does genetic recombination cause genetic variation?

Inherited disorders of aldosterone and cortisol biosynthesis and a contributor to in blood pressure that what the Genetic recombination cause to Genetic variation ("Elsevier, 2009"). http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6TC9-3YYV30J-3R&_user=10&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_s ( Full Answer )

What are four sources of genetic variation?

The 4 types of genetic variation are 1) mutation- is the mutation of a gene. this is really rare, most mutations are in the recessive trait so they are hidden by a dominant trait. Most mutations have no effect but some can be harmful and very few have positive effects. There is a lot more on mutati ( Full Answer )

Why is it important for a species to have genetic variation?

For one, without genetic variation, a species is more likely to face significant danger from disease. In humans there are some diseases that affect a few races more than others, but because of genetic variations, our species as a whole is more likely to adapt to new diseases and survive rather than ( Full Answer )

What causes genetic variation in a species?

genetic variation happens because of meiosis. chromosomes are randomly in each sperm/egg cell, and so when they come together it's unlikely to get the same combination twice

Why is genetic variation importmant?

Because it yields variation of characteristics within the population, allowing for the most fit individuals (those who can best survive and reproduce) to prosper.

Why is the genetic variation important?

For survival. Disease immunity of offspring and defense against evolving diseases. Natural occuring phenomenon that attracts a mate.

What id genetic variation?

Genetic Variation is a measure of the genetic differences there are within populations or species. For example, a population with many different alleles at a locus may be said to have a lot of genetic variation at that locus. Genetic variation is essential for natural selection to operate since natu ( Full Answer )

What variation and adaptation do with heredity and genetics?

Evolution: genes are mixed and swapped and mutated during the production of gametes (egg and sperm) and these are passed on to offspring. The variations (mutations) can be good, neutral, or bad, and natural selection tends to cause those with good variations to be kept, and bad to be rejected. Na ( Full Answer )

What allows genetic variation?

The process of meiosis allows for genetic variation. When the chromosomes in the parent cell separate, they tear of each other's DNA and end up with random bits of code. Also, when two gametes meet at fertilization and form a zygote they will each be carrying completely different sets of DNA so when ( Full Answer )

How can recombination result in genetic variation?

Crossing-over is a way of recombination. In this process, paired chromosomes often swap lengths of DNA at random. Crossing-over further increases the number of new genotypes created in each generation. That is why there is genetic variation in each generation.

Why is genetic variation and diversity important?

because other wise everything would be the same. and other wise is everyone had the same genetics, itd be like inbreeding and because of the genetics being the same itd cause problems and cells tend to mutate.. soo, that's basically why, to keep things different and not miutated ahha

How mutation is a source of genetic variation?

Mutations create changes in the genetic code. There are different types of mutations and vary in degree of harm or even benefit to the organism. If the mutation happens to be beneficial to the organism, then it can be passed down to its offspring and thus this leads to genetic variation in the popul ( Full Answer )

How does fertilisation produce genetic variation?

Fertilization is the moment in sexual reproduction when the sperm and ovum/egg unite. This produces genetic variation because the resulting organism has a mix of the genetic material of the parents (half from each parent).

How do people increase genetic variation?

Breeders can increase the genetic variation in a population by intruding mutations, which are the ultimate source of biological diversity.

What creates genetic variation in a population?

Genetic variation is a direct results of many sources of genetic material and their unconstrained interaction. The larger the population and the fewer restrictions on how they can be integrated the more diverse the genetic variation. This allows for better natural selection and also reduced the abil ( Full Answer )

Does inbreeding increase genetic variation?

No it does not because you would be getting the same exact cells that your family already had. You would only get variation when you have a mixture of unrelated cells.

What are sources of genetic variation in populations?

to my knowledge gentics is a form of the human sytem repruducing the facts that they Globally, observed CO2 emissions, temperature and sea levels are rising faster than expected. The warming has been fastest over land, and greatest in the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Global ocean tem ( Full Answer )

How does recombination lead to genetic variation?

Sexual recombination can lead to genetic variation in three ways. 1. The independent orientation of chromosomes in meiosis I. Two different way chromosome can line up in their tetrads leading to....... 2. Crossing over. Chromosome exchange pieces of each other with the chromosome they are line ( Full Answer )

How does mitosis limit genetic variation?

Mitosis is the part of the non sexual cells. These cells do not help reproduce anything with variation. When these cells replicate the replicate in the exact same way, remaining unchanged. this is the reason mitosis limits genetic variation.

Which would most likely decrease the genetic variation in human population?

If the human population was reduced to a very small number ofinterbreeding individual then this small population, deniedoutbreeding, would have very little genetic variation. Humans, whowent through a bottleneck event about 70,000 years ago, areconsidered a " small " species because they have little ( Full Answer )

How does hybridization produce genetic variation?

Well most population within a species have very similar gene pools, like most human are 99% similar in their DNA, but the thing is, the closer you are related the more similar you gene pool will be. By hybridization you are literally introducing something new to the gene pool. So maybe you have a wh ( Full Answer )

What would most likely decrease the genetics variation in the human population?

A widespread disaster would reduce the variety within the human genetic pool by eliminating all but certain segments of the population. A global plague could potentially have the greatest effect, as plagues (see: black plague, Spanish influenza) often will often decimate all of a local population ( Full Answer )

Does mitosis lead to genetic variation?

This is a minor pathway - during mitosis, occasional transcription errors occur and a point mutation may be incorporated into a daughter cell. The major pathway, however, is meiosis and sexual reproduction, in which half of the genome is swapped out and replaced with half the genome of another pers ( Full Answer )

What causes genetic variation during human sexual reproductive processes?

At prophase I in meiosis the process of independent orientation of chromosomes takes place. Simplified example; one way or the other of the two ways this process take place. XX YY or XY YX Then in this same phase their is crossing over where the male and female chromosomes exchange p ( Full Answer )

Why is low genetic variation a problem?

Low Genetic variationis the raw material of evolution. Withoutgenetic variation, a population cannot evolve in response tochanging environmental variables and, as a result, may face anincreased risk of extinction.

What are the genetic causes of height variations?

Hundreds of common genetic variants across the human genome influence adult height, according to a study of over 180 000 individuals published today in the journal 'Nature'. The study itself identifies over a hundred new variants and shows that they are not randomly distributed, but are clustered ar ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if variation is genetic or environmental?

By applying T- test statistically, the variations found in the populations can be screened. If the results are found significant at 5% probability level, it is due to genetic factor, if not significant, than it is due to environmental factors.