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Q: What are the advantages of internal modem?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an internal modem?

Internal modemallows you mobility to use wireless Internet at hot spots but connection is slower and power uptake greater.

Different kinds of modem?

the different kinds of modem are the external modem, internal modem, fax modem and ISDN modem

Different types of modem?

Internal Fax Modem External Fax Modem Wireless Modem ISDN and DSL Modem GPRS Modem

Does my laptop need a internal modem?

no, nowadays new laptop will have wifi built. Anyway a internal modem will be dial up.

What are the components of a modem?

Internal and External modem..........Its full form is Modulator Demodulator.....

A modem that is contained within the system unit is called?


What is a fax modem?

Fax modem is modem than enables computer to send and received faxes. It can be internal and external.

Is it true that A modem can be internal or external?

Yes it is.

Is it possible to transfer data to computer without using internal modem in CPU?

First of all the internal modem is not in the CPU. The internal moden is either in a PCI slot or intergrated onto the mother board. Second yes, There are many diffrent way to transfer data with out an internal modem

What are the devices used in internet?

Routers,switches,internal modem,external modem,hub,etc.

What are the devices used in connecting internet?

routers, switches, internal modem, external modem, hub, etc..,

Can a modem be internal (in the computer) or external (outside the computer?

Yes, modems can be both internal and external.

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