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No Advantages.


All satellites are sent into space with a purpose in mind. It may be to register weather patterns on earth or have a built in telescope to see further into space. They may be sent to pick up signals roaming around in space. Many are of a military type and are used to spy on other countries.

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Q: What are the advantages of satellite?
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Whats are the advantages of satellite communication over the other communication system'?

advantages of satellite

What are the advantages of launching a satellite?

If the satellite stays on Earth, it would be quite useless.

What are the advantages of satellite systems over terrestrial communication?

Satellite systems do not suffer from local interference or terrain.

What are the advantages of using electronic media for public outreach?

i want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the satellite in banking

What are some advantages and disadvantages of cable and satellite tv?

Cable and satellite TV can go out at anytime and have connection problems sometimes.

What are the advantages of satellite when it comes to cable vs satellite?

Satellite television has some advantages over cable because it is usually cheaper in cost. The activation fees are something you do not need to pay. It also offers more channels for sports and music than cable would.

What are the advantages of using a satellite phone?

Using a satellite phone has many advantages over cell phones. Cell phones require the use of a cell tower which are not available in remote areas. Satellite phones use satellites which are always available as long as you can see the sky.

What are the advantages of satellite television over cable?

Satellite TV normally has a wider variety of programming options. You also will normally spend less per month for satellite tv.

What are the advantages of satellite television compared to regular cable?

The only advantage that satellite internet has over cable, is that in certain locations where cable is unavailable, usually satellite will provide television services.

What are the main advantages of using a satellite TV system?

There are two main advantages to satellite TV. First, a customer can get TV in the relative middle of nowhere. Second, it generally has a better picture quality than other TV services.

Advantages of geostationary satellite?

It is much easier to use a geostationary satellite as it stays in the same place. You can always find it in the same direction.

Is satellite television better than cable?

Satellite TV offers a lot of advantages to cable, especially for those in remote rural areas without cable access. Plus, there is less service down-time with satellite technology, and you can get equipment to service multiple sets. There are advantages to both. Usually one can get more channels for the price with satellite, but reception can be spottier in bad weather. Contracts and fees tend to be more stringent with satellite.

What are the advantages of having a satelite dish?

If you are unable to get cable out where you live satellite is a great solution to your problem .there are more choices for satellite ,this will allow for a more competitive pricing.

What are the advantages of satellite navigation systems?

quick way to find the place you are going too

What are the advantages to placing a telescope on a satellite?

Telescopes detect the things sateilites pick up.

What some advantages of getting satellite internet?

Some advantages of satellite internet would be that you are not limited by geography nor can you cut the cable doing lawn work as it's not in the ground. There are also disadvantages too, such as during a heavy storm you may not get service.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of satellite telecommunication system?

1) The coverage area of a satellite greatly exceeds.2) Transmission cost of a satellite is independent of the distance from the center of the coverage area. 3) Satellite to satellite communication is very precise. 4) Higher bandwidths are available for use.

What are the advantages of satellite communications?

Looking for an answer. The advantage is that it is reliable and it can cover a large distance.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages between cable and satellite TV?

Cable TV is more reliant and less costly. On the other hand, satellite often offers more channels.

What are the advantages of a satellite television system?

A satellite television system has many benefits and is ideal for many types of people. Some of the advantages are: * People in remote areas can get satellite television even if they are not able to receive cable services. * The picture provided by satellite is far sharper than either cable or off air broadcast. * People who are the technical types and like fixing their own things will love satellite television. * It provides digital information and text services. * Satellite television gives you access to channels and programs that can never be offered through cable. * It gives you news coverage which is live and unedited so you don

Advantages of active satellite?

1.) Error Probality decreases 2.) C/N Ratio Increases 3.) gain of signal increasesThe official definition of an active satellite is "A satellite carrying a station intended to transmit or retransmit radio communication signals."

Advantages of satellite communication over microwave communication?

A satellite in geosynchronous orbit can have line of sight contact with half the planet at once. Microwave communication on the Earth's surface has a much more limited range.

What are the advantages of using a satellite dish?

There are many reasons one might choose to use a satellite dish system. The biggest advantage for most people is the high amount of channels available in relation to the cost.

What exactly is a sky dish and what are its advantages?

A Sky Dish is a satellite dish that is offered by the company Sky. The advantages of using Sky dish is that you can choose which packages you want, and there is coverage in 98% of the UK.

What are the advantages of having satellite tv?

One advantage of satellite television is that more channels are available than on regular cable. Some say that the picture is more clear and that it can be less expensive than digital cable.