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Satellite Television has some advantages over cable because it is usually cheaper in cost. The activation fees are something you do not need to pay. It also offers more channels for sports and music than cable would.

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2013-08-21 16:02:47
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Q: What are the advantages of satellite when it comes to cable vs satellite?
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should i get cable or satellite services?

Cable vs. satellite TV is based solely on preference. Satellite TV is a little more unreliable when it comes to storms and the signal going out. But cable TV also typically offers less channels and perks.

What are the disadvantages of having satellite tv instead of cable tv?

There is an ongoing debate about which is better cable vs internet. It really comes down to personal likes and dislikes.

What are the advantages of satellite TV over cable TV?

Satellite vs. CablePrice... and that's about can she worldwide channels in sattelite tv.AnswerPrice, equipment, and programming differ between the two. Satellite tends to offer more channels, as well as most have Sirius Radio available. Dish Network has equipment that allows one box for two TV's, so that saves money. The website has a pretty good comparison. Also it compares two major satellite providers.

What are the pros and cons of satellite television vs the pros and cons of cable television?

Satellite TV generally has more channels that most people will never watch. The reception is heavily dependent on weather, overhead air traffic, sun spots, solar storms. Depending on the package selected, it can be more cost effective but most do not give you local programming although that is beginning to change with the satellite companies offering a second dish/antenna to pull in the local programs. Cable is by far the most stable (I'm speaking of Comcast Cable)and has better packages to choose from. I think of Satellite TV as a choice where cable is not available.

Areail photograph VS satellite image?

Areail photograph

What are the advantages for using an xlr vs a quarter inch cable connector in live sound applications?

XLR has a locking mechanism on it, can't short itself and is more robust connector in general.

What are the advantages of DSL Internet service over cable?

According to Richard Thomason's March 2009 article “DSL Internet vs Cable Internet”, while Cable internet is faster, and doesn't suffer from as many distance/performance issues (distance from the DSL hub), DSL has a lower monthly cost, and is slightly more secure than cable.

Cable Service vs Satellite Service: Which is Better?

Many people wonder if they should get cable service or satellite. Each have their pros and cons. Each requires special equipment and offers quality programming. There are a few minor differences, however, that will be discussed in this article. The first consideration many have when choosing between the two is pricing. Cable and satellite are pretty comparable in price points, although cable may be a little cheaper. Satellite might offer more channels though, meaning you are getting more for your money. Another factor involving price is setup costs. Satellite service typically needs more equipment such as dish, receiver, etc. Cable only involves a box and a wire. Even if setup costs are free for both, the contract you sign with cable service is usually shorter, meaning you can discontinue service sooner without incurring early termination fees. The next important consideration is quality of reception. Cable travels from broadcaster to substations to your home. With each substation the signal hits, it degrades in quality ever so slightly. Satellite, however, is sent directly from the broadcaster to your dish. As long as your signal is strong, you will get a great picture. Rainstorms and severe weather, however, can degrade or even entirely block your signal. Cable usually doesn’t suffer from rain, sleet, or snow. The last thing you may consider is equipment and ease of use. As stated earlier, cable takes less equipment and is therefore less of a hassle to manage. You also don’t need to worry about installing a satellite dish on your house. This is a big plus if you live in an apartment complex, as some complexes won’t let you install dishes. If you own your home, this may not be an issue. In conclusion, satellite and cable each have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your living situation. If you live in your own home and plan on staying there long term, you may find satellite to be your best bet. If you rent or are likely to move, cable service would be more for you, as you don’t have to worry about transferring service or being banned from installing a dish.

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