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WORKGROUP NETWORK A workgroup network, also called a peer-to-peer, is commonly used for home and small business networks. In this type of setup, computers communicate directly with each other and share resources. The computers in a workgroup are called peers because they are all equal. Each user decides on the resources their workstation will share with others on the network. Resources that could be shared include printers, scanners, folders and files. Advantages of Workgroup: * Easy to set-up for small networks * No need for a dedicated network administrator * Less expensive to set up * Can easily share files, folders, printers etc.


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Q: What are the advantages to a workgroup?
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What is the difference between joing a workgroup and a domain?

A domain is a server and a workgroup is a home network for example at work you may be on a domain and at home you will be in a workgroup I am in workgroup

What networking model does a workgroup use?

A peer to peer model is used in a workgroup

Which scenarios depict a workgroup network?

Which of the following scenarios depict a workgroup network

What are the advantages of a domain over a workgroup?

A domain provides user and group-based security, centralized management of network resources and is physically irrelevant (can be contained in one room or span international borders). The advantages of Domain model over a workgroup model are: 1. Here ( domain model) we have a centralised administration. 2. Lot of security- which is not there in Workgroup since anyone with the knowledge of credentials of a particular machine can access its resources. 3. lot of scalability 3.lot of extensibility 4. Single sign on

What kind of networking model does a workgroup use?

A workgroup utilizies a peer to peer networking model.

Which requires the assistance of a network administrator a workgroup or a domain?

more tech involved with a domain. a workgroup is simple

How do you create work group?

Configuring a workgroup is easy - give the workgroup and name and use that name in the workgroup section for the computer identification. The other choice is for a client-server (domain) based network. Therefore you only have two choices for computer identification; either as a workgroup or as a domain (client/server).

Major factor that gave rise to workgroup database applications?

major factor that gave rise to workgroup database applications?

What is difference btwn a workstation and workgroup?

Workstation is a computer, workgroup is usually at least 2 computers connected to each other.

How do you connect the computer on the same workgroup?

if its windows xp right click on my computer, then select properties, then click on computer name tab then on the network id button and change the workgroup in the workgroup box. Any computer you want to be in the workgroup you need to make sure all those computers say the same thing

What is a domain model?

a network/workgroup

What was the major factor that gave rise to workgroup database applications?

1. What was the major factor that gave rise to workgroup database applications?

What is Workgroup in computer networking?

A workgroup is a logical collection of computers that share resources. (or) A work group is a collection of computers that share resources.

How do you setup a Computer to Computer Workgroup?

If you are running Windows XP or Windows 7, go to Start> Control Panel> Performance and Maintenance> System> Computer Name> Click Change> Enter the workgroup name in the workgroup text field

What are the Disadvantages to a workgroup?

It is possible to network several computers using a wireless connection in a workgroup. However, a workgroup has disadvantages such as setting up accounts each with a password, takes time to setup, not easy to expand and file sharing has a maximum limit.

Computer in pinging to workgroup computer but not show in workgroup?

Check the firewall settings. ping.exe uses a very specific port to accomplish what is made for. In order to see a computer in workgroup the option files and printers sharing has to be on (137, 139 ports).

How do you create a workgroup through a switch that has several computers and a server on it?

Create a workgroup in TCP/IPIf you log in through the server, then the workgroup is set up on the server and each computer joins via the "system properties/join a domain" buttons. If you do not log in through the server then just create a workgroup through the same process as above. The switch might have a setting to set a workgroup name as well, especially if it is being used as a TCP/IP DHCP server.

What is a collection of computers that are all peers?


What is the difference between joining a workgroup and joining a domain?

The difference is using a NOS ( Network Operating System), A Domain uses a NOS whereas a Workgroup does not.

What is the difference between a workgroup and a lan?

They're the same thing. A Local Area Network (LAN) and a workgroup are both a local and they both do the same thing. I think the main difference is that a workgroup is a specific part of the LAN such as a department of a business whereas a LAN describes the network.

Is necessary that all computers belong to the same workgroup in order to share resources?

It is NOT necessary that all computers belong to the same workgroup in order to share resources

What is workgroup model?

This is a peer-to-peer network, where all devices in the workgroup have equal status. In this model there is no central management of the network (or any network management at all).

A p2p network is called in windows terminology?


How do you share a local printer with orhers in the workgroup?

With a network.

Can a workgroup and a domain share the same name?


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